Alice Goodwin and Porchia Watson Naked!

GoodwinFirst up, Miss Goodwin reveals all about her bosom buddy - 21-year-old Essex girl Porchia! 

Her best feature is... Her boobs. They're amazing! They're really big, pert, round and basically perfect! Her nipples are nice and smooth, too.

Our best-ever night out together was... On the ZOO Christmas tour. While we were waiting to go on stage, Porchia was flashing her boobs at everyone. She loves getting everything out. We went back to the hotel room with loads of people after and she just sat there with her legs wide open for everyone to see!

And now, Porchia gets her chance to tell us all the secrets of the nipple-hiding Stoke stunner...

Her best feature is... Her nipples! I'm one of the lucky few to have seen them. They're some of the best boobs I've ever seen. They're perfect.

Our best-ever night out together was... On the ZOO tour. On the first night we got really drunk and passed out in bed together. In the morning we woke up naked and couldn't remember anything. To this very day, that night is still a mystery to us. When you wake up naked next to a hot girl, a bit of you hopes something naughty happened!

For the rest of the interview and the Alice and Porchia sexy gallery click here or below.

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Alice Goodwin's bustiest ever shoot: topless video and pictures!

We can only apologise. Though, we notice, you seem very happy to be back shooting for us.
I’m at my happiest when I’m wearing sexy lingerie. I feel amazing – dressing and undressing in beautiful, silky things that make my boobs look awesome. What’s not to like? It never feels like work. I love the posing, the final results, getting dressed up, everything.

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