Imogen Thomas's Sex Tape Shoot!

Imogen Thomas See Imogen Thomas's amazing nude pictures and topless video below!

So, how does it feel to be the star of one of the most-watched sex tapes out there?
It is really that popular? I can’t say I’ve ever Googled it myself!

It definitely is. How did you feel when it got leaked?
I thought it got burned years ago, so I had the shock of my life when it came out! When you do rude stuff like that with your boyfriend you expect it to stay private. I was fuming when I found out some little idiot had disrespected me and my family by selling it.

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Have you experimented with a video camera since?
I don’t need to. There’s not much my boyfriend [Swansea City’s Matty Collins] and I haven’t tried anyway. You don’t need to video each other to be adventurous in the bedroom –and it’s not something I would be in a rush to do again. When you’re with someone a long time that’s the kind of thing you do, but you need trust and respect with it. And there was none of that with my ex!

Have you spoken to him since?
No. I never want to speak to him ever again. If I do bump into him, I’ll probably hit him! It’s really low for someone to sell a private video like that. He was lucky my family didn’t go after him. I put a stop to that because my dad was obviously, well, upset with him!

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But it hasn’t put you off porn altogether?
No. I like porn, just not with me in it!

So you’ll still watch other people having sex?
Yeah, porn’s great. All couples watch it together, don’t they? It spices up the relationship and it’s fun, so I wouldn’t ever say no. I think dirty talk is good, too. If you feel at ease with each other then it’s great. You should definitely give that a go – as long as you don’t say the wrong girl’s name when you’re in bed!

PUB FACT: Imogen always sunbathes topless. She says, 'I hate it when you get white marks!'

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