Alice Goodwin's Sizzling Topless Shots!

Alice Goodwin Some things in life you just don’t get to see. A British side winning the World Cup (assuming you’re not a pensioner); a decent episode of Sex And The City; Michael Jackson’s real nose; or 21-year-old Stoke-on-Trent stunner Alice Goodwin’s nipples.

Gorgeous Goodwin has kept her magic buttons under wraps since her 30FFs were first spotted sunbathing on a Bournemouth beach last year. But the gargantuan nature of her boobs means there’s still plenty to look at. And it seems she’s finally thinking about letting the boys out to play…

Alice, you show us a whole lot of flesh – but the nipples are still covered up. Will it be like a supermarket opening when they finally get unveiled? And who will cut the ribbon?
Ha ha, it would feel like that! And I’d want it to be you guys at the opening! I have loyalty to you – if I was to do it, the honour would go to ZOO! You’re my favourite mag.

All the anticipation seems to have got you a pretty obsessive fanbase…
I know! I’ve had to close my Facebook account twice! I had one girl stalking me. She pretended to be a guy and messaged me all this sexual stuff – like what he/she wanted to do to me. I blocked her, then she set up another account and kept doing it!

How dirty exactly?
Really gross stuff. Not normal – weird, disgusting things that you wouldn’t want to print! There’s another guy in Leicestershire who sends me chocolate all the time. I get lots of fan mail – I’ve even had boxer shorts mailed to me, which I’ve had to sign and send back!

We imagine most of your fans are just begging you to get your nipples out…
Oh yeah, all the time! I keep getting asked when and where it’s going to happen. I guess I’m a bit of a tease! My nipples seem to be very important to a lot of people. Guys are totally obsessed. I think men must have such a fascination because they don’t have them!

Er, men have got nipples…
Well, yeah, but not big ones on a boob! Plus, most men’s nipples look pretty similar, don’t they?

So how would you describe yours, then?
They’re medium sized. And very sensitive, because they’re real.

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PUB FACT: Alice claims 'about 10 boys have seen my nipples'.

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Alice Goodwin's bustiest ever shoot: topless video and pictures!

Hi, Alice. What have you been up to?
I’ve just been waiting for ZOO to ring the whole time! I’ve been watching you have all these covers without me. You’ve been cheating on me with all these other women!

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