Madison’s Sex School!

The rules you should remember when trying to get a girl back to yours...

- Always open doors and be a gentleman. Some girls love men to pay for everything, but I really don't agree with that. I much prefer going 50/50.

- Don't come looking all blinged-up like a twat. Sometimes, less is more. You have to make an effort, but don't go over the top. And always make sure you tell her how gorgeous she looks. Lots of compliments are crucial!

- Always ask her where she wants to go rather than just going where you want. But girls like a man who can make decisions, so make sure you take control and use your initiative, too.

- Don't expect anything, you dirty bastard! The best things are worth waiting for, rather than just having a one-night stand with someone you'll probably never see again. So be patient and prove yourself to the girl.

On a first date, you could get a snog, so make sure you do it properly - and don't forget that some gentle blowing, nuzzling and nibbling can be super sexy!

PUB FACT: The riskiest thing Madison Welch has done is give a blowjob to a boyfriend under the table in a posh restaurant.

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Madison Welch


Once you’re in the sack, follow this simple advice to have her begging for more…

- Talk to each other and ask what you both want, otherwise you’ll never know. Don’t just guess – you might be wrong! Communication will lead to intimacy and better sex.

- Don’t always go deep. Girls don’t always want it hard, so listen to what she says, read the signals and see how she reacts.

- Don’t start grabbing everything and don’t act like you’ve never seen any of it before! Be passionate but gentle. If she wants it rougher, she’ll let you know. Lick and nibble but never bite too hard.

- Bring fun things into the bedroom. Champagne is good for pouring over each other. Chocolate spread, whipped cream… they can all add to the naughtiness.

- Keep experimenting. Never let things get boring. Suggest things rather than flat-out asking for them – it’s a good way of getting what you want. No one wants to shag a dead donkey!

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