Sophie Anderton's Rudest Ever Shoot!

Sophie AndertonFor most models, their time in the spotlight is short. They look good, do some sexy shoots and fade away relatively quickly. Not Sophie Anderton.

She first became famous in 1996, a whole 13 years ago, as the face and boobs of Gossard bras. Since then, Sophie - now 31 - has never been far from the headlines.

Stints on reality shows including I'm A Celebrity and Love Island, a violent relationship with footballer Mark Bosnich, a well-publicised cocaine addiction and some wonderfully scurrilous stories about her sex-life mean we've always been fascinated by the bawdy brunette.

That fascination reached new levels the moment she decided to disrobe for ZOO...

What made you choose to strip naked for ZOO?
I couldn't resist it. I thought I'd come out of retirement for one last photoshoot - these are my first naked pictures for four years! I went to an all-girls school and my mother's actually quite prim and proper. She's going to have a heart attack when she sees these!

What do you like wearing in the bedroom?
I don't like the whole dressing up thing. I think natural is much nicer. I love beautiful underwear. I love G-strings and thongs. I absolutely love silky and very see-through negligèes, which I have a huge collection of. I'm also keeping the hold-ups from today's shoot because they're really stunning, beautiful lace.

Will you be wearing them for anyone special?
At the moment, I'm single - and very happy being single - but I am on the look-out. I'm looking but I'm not searching, if that makes sense!

Read on to find out who the sexy supermodel is searching for and much more in the rest of Sophie's interview...

PUB FACT: Sophie Anderton is launching her own swimwear and lingerie range next year.

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Sophie Anderton

Who for?
I’m looking for someone who’s nothing to do with my world. I don’t want someone who’s all dramatic and gets all jealous – because some men can’t handle being with me and get very insecure.

Someone normal then, like a builder?
Or a fireman! They’re quite hunky.

In the meantime, do you have lots of lady toys?
If you’re single, you have to! It’s inevitable, really. I broke my last one.

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