It’s Jade Rogers!

Jade RogersThe biggest debut of this month? Forget Robbie Keane turning out for a team he only left a few months ago. No, gentlemen - this is the truly momentous beginning of a beautiful relationship. Yes, it's the first-ever ZOO photoshoot with the brain-hurtingly beautiful Brummie, Jade Rogers.

The 20-year-old with the perfectly-formed 32Cs has not only stripped off for her hottest-ever shoot. She's also given us the lowdown on her ever-changing bra size, car-based sex in Paris and why she likes it doggie-style...

Welcome to ZOO! How does it feel to be featured in these hallowed pages?
I'm really excited! I've never been in ZOO before. I haven't been recognised yet - but I will be soon, I hope! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year. I just want to get on with working and getting in ZOO again.

Read the rest of Jade's interview here...

PUB FACT: Jade Rogers' favourite glamour girls are Keeley Hazell and Peta Todd.

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Jade Rogers

That’s a given. How would you describe your talents?
They’re not massive, but they’re pert and round. For my frame they’re also quite big, which people seem to like. They’re definitely my favourite part of my body. They’re normally a C- or a D-cup, but it changes all the time. They always seem to be bigger when I’ve got a boyfriend! Probably from all the sex! Ha ha!

Excellent logic. What makes you special?
I like to have a laugh and enjoy myself. I wasn’t expecting to become a glamour model, so it’s all been a bit of a shock. Looks-wise, I’m slim, dark and tanned. People always say I’ve got a bit of a cheeky smile, too.

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