Madison Strips For Our Birthday!

Madison Strips!Madison, thanks for celebrating ZOO's fifth birthday with us!
My pleasure - happy birthday, ZOO! I've decided that as well as this special birthday shoot, I'm going to round up all my favourite ZOO girls and have a very drunken birthday party for you, away from the cameras. We can make a cake, have a food fight wearing only tiny aprons and nothing else, then get really drunk and snog each other!

Read the rest of Madison's interview below, but before you do, watch the trouser-tent-pitching video below and launch Madison's naughty slideshow of steamy pics!

In this video Madison Welch strips off in celebration of ZOO's fifth birthday!

We should really oversee that party. Now give us some love by telling us your favourite things about ZOO...
Well, all the ZOO girls are really hot - and they all have personalities, which is a massive bonus! I get to wear gorgeous lingerie on ZOO shoots - even though I always end up getting naked anyway! The photoshoots are good fun and the articles are always funny, but my favourite part of the magazine is any feature with a gorgeous girl involved. I buy a copy every week - especially if I know the girl in it. I also like to look at the music reviews at the back of the mag, too - ZOO has excellent taste in music!

Read the rest of Madison's interview here...

PUB FACT: Madison Welch's favourite outfits include stockings and suspenders, a French maid's set and a naughty nurse.

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Madison Welch Strips Off!

Thank you. Yes, we do. As it's our 5th birthday, who would make up your ideal quintet to have a fivesome with?
I'm very experimental and I've actually had a fivesome before. It was fun - especially having it filmed! If I had another one it would be me, Emma Frain, Louise Porter, Sammie Pennington and Charlotte McKenna. Oh, fuck it - also, Zöe Stollery.

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