Amy Green: Hot Nude Pin-Up!

Amy Green

Amy Green leads the way as our hot tip to become one of 2009's sexiest pin-ups!

Read our saucy interview with her below, and find out what incredible trick she can do with a banana!

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Watch Amy Green get completely naked in her first ZOO shoot!

How does it feel now you’re destined for ZOO stardom?
It’s a bit strange, because I’ve gone from doing little bits of modelling, to Page 3, then to people wanting me all over the place! It’s all happened quite quickly, so it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s really good, though! I love the attention I get, the more the merrier! I love it when people recognise me from my photoshoots, on the street, out and about… wherever! Recently a man asked to buy a pair of my pants off me for any amount of money. I wrote back saying, “I’m honoured that you want to do that, but there’s no way I’m going to send you my pants!” I should have bought a new pair of knickers and sent them to him instead, but I just couldn’t do it.

Are you getting lots more attention from blokes now you’re famous?
Oh, yeah! I get recognised when I go out to clubs. People are, like, “You’re that Page 3 girl!” Guys ask me to sign their chests with marker pens, so I do. I’m just delighted that they recognise me. Girls have told me they fancy me, too. Because I work with naked girls all the time, they feel like they can be honest. I’ve messed about with other girls when I’ve been drunk, but nothing else. It happens when you get a couple of Sambucas down you. I love girls, but I prefer guys.

Sambucas all round, then! Have you got any impressive party tricks that you can tell us about?
I can fit a whole banana down my throat! People are fascinated and they make me do it all the time! My gag reflexes are really good. I can’t even feel it!

How do you spice up things in the bedroom?
Definitely get some food involved, like cream and chocolate. And have sex in random places. I’m always drunk when I do naughty things and I get told about things I’ve done. Once with my ex-boyfriend, we had sex outside a club. The next day, we found out his friend had been watching the whole thing. He thought it was hilarious! Another time, I had sex in the snow in France. It was cold so it didn’t last long! It was a drunken thing. You can’t feel much when you’re drunk, can you?

Have you got any New Year resolutions?
To buy a new vibrator every few months! I get a bit bored and need some new technology now and again. I’ve got quite a few vibrators and I’ve also got cock rings and things like that. I use them when I feel the need to.

Don’t let us stop you. Have you got a message to all your fans?
Yes! Thank you for supporting me! And have a very sexy 2009. I promise you’ll be seeing a lot more of me…

PUB FACT: Amy Green’s favourite glamour girls are Dannii Wells, Peta Todd and Keeley Hazell.

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