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Rebecca Loos NakedLovely Rebecca Loos is back on the, er, loose. Hotter, hornier and completely in the buff for her sexiest shoot ever. The super-foxy, straight-talking beauty reveals all about fame, fantasies and bedroom fun. Behold, the real posh totty... Victoria Beckham, you have been warned.

Welcome back, Rebecca! What have you been up to recently?
I'm getting a book together about my life since being thrown into the "celebrity" world and how it's changed my life. I don't want to go over the whole affair, but I'll refer back to things to help people understand me, explain why I did things and why I am the way I am. It's going to be sexy, obviously, because it's my book! Before I had the affair, I was naive. I didn't know much about publicity, I'd never read the News Of The World and suddenly I became this public figure. The book talks about people I've met along the way, including names everyone will recognise. It's not a kiss-and-tell. It's about celebrity, reality TV, my love life, my sex life, depression, drinking... all the stages of becoming "famous". And I'm working on a documentary about what men want - that's all I can say!

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PUB FACT: Rebecca Loos thinks I'm A Celebrity's Carly Zucker is a "hottie".

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Rebecca Loos Naked

So which stars will you invite to your book launch?
I'll invite people who've influenced my journey, like Max Clifford - he's been there from the beginning - Calum Best too, as well as people from the reality TV show I was on, The Farm [2004, Five]. I don't have many celeb friends.

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