Madison Welch Anniversary

Madison Welch AnniversaryWhat a difference a year makes. Back in December '07, the world had never even heard of Birmingham babe Madison Welch.

Fast-forward a mere 12 months and after humble beginnings in our Sex-Ray Specs! pages, the 19-year-old and her 32FFs are adorning bedroom walls across the land. So, in honour of her one-year anniversary as a ZOO starlet, here she is: hotter - and filthier - than ever before... ­

Read her interview, but before watch the video of her saucy shoot!

Madison Welch gets undressed in this knee-knockingly sexy video!

Madison, how's your mad year been?
It's been great! I love taking my clothes off! For every shoot, people bring amazing underwear for me to wear and it's all so pretty and lacy - but you can guarantee by the end of the session, I'll just be naked! Every photographer has me nude. I prefer it. It's more intimate and free! 

Are we seeing things, or have your boobs got even bigger?
Yeah, they're still growing! When I first started modelling, I was an E-cup. Now I'm an FF! In the bedroom, they're great to play with. I feel much sexier with bigger boobs.  

You're a very sexual person, aren't you?
Yeah! I went into Ann Summers last week and bought everything I wanted that I hadn't already got. I had to raid the new oils! I don't like toys or vibrating penis rings, but I love oils and slippery stuff. I love the chocolate spread the most. You get messy and sticky, but it tastes nice! I also need a new sexy Santa outfit. For dressing up, I prefer cute, sweet outfits - the complete opposite of me! I like the idea of a guy taking my innocence away from me. I've got whips, too... 

What's the sexiest shoot you've done this year?
In the sea - it was wet, slimy and the water was running through my legs. I was like, "Oh! This is nice!" I was on my hands and knees - it was such a turn-on, but it was a nudist beach, so I had to calm myself down! 

Who would you love to do a photoshoot with in 2009?
Emma Frain - that would be one hot shoot! Her boobs are really big and bouncy. Tying her up and teasing her would be cool!

You and your body became famous this year. Have famous blokes been trying to pull you?
Yeah, especially footballers, which I hate. I've been with one and it was a nightmare. He plays for a Premier League club. He thinks he's amazing, but he's not!

What's the best sex you've had (so far!) in 2008?
It was in a swimming pool at a caravan park. My boyfriend and I got into the pool fully clothed. I'm such a sucker for wet and slippy things! I was really horny and we just went for it. We didn't realise a kid had jumped into the pool at the same time. I think we scarred him for life! He just got out and ran away!

You don't mess about, do you?
I'm so open, I'll literally do anything. I like to think I'm in a porno. When my bloke and I go out for a meal, I'll always grab a feel of him, he'll get hard, then we'll have to go to the toilets... We once did it in the living room when my parents were in the conservatory. I was wearing a skirt, so it was quite discreet. Luckily, they didn't catch us...

PUB FACT: Madison says the favourite place she's had sex is on a football pitch.

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Madison Welch Anniversary
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