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Nicola McLean ToplessJungle babe Nicola Mclean tells ZOO why she loves big boobs and explains why snogging a female contestant wouldn't be cheating.

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Nicola! How excited are you about your jungle jaunt?
Super-excited! But I'm scared, too. I'm scared of everything but totally up for the challenge and I'm going to throw myself into it. I really want to overcome my fears, so it should be fun!

Do you fancy any of the other celebrities?
I'm engaged, so I'm not interested in the guys! I'm getting married in June and I adore my fiancé [Peterborough United's Tom Williams], so men should know they've got no chance with me. Saying that, Pamela Anderson was a name leaked before we arrived and if she was in it, I might turn lesbian. I love her!

There are some hot girls in the camp with you this year. If you've ruled out the guys, have you ruled out the ladies, too?
I wouldn't rule out that type of liaison - that's not cheating! People assume you're a slag if you're a Page 3 girl. That really annoys me. I love being a glamour model, but I'm 100 per cent faithful to my fiancé. I'm a one-man girl and I miss him like mad. I like to have a look at girls, though. Especially the good-looking ones! Ha ha!

So you're not ruling out any flirtation - or maybe even a snog - with your fellow female contestants?
As long as she's hot, I don't mind giving it a go!

Sounds like you've had a bit of experience with this before! Do you and Tom indulge in these lesbian fantasies at home?
No! You're so naughty! We like having sex with each other and that's it!

Hmm. But surely Tom has suggested a threesome with another girl?
No! I'm the outrageous one! Tom would never suggest that. He's much more straight-laced than me.

What will you do if one of the females in camp does take a shine to you?
That's cool with me. I'm up for that! I like lesbians. She can have a little look and a fondle if she fancies it!

Awesome! How are you going to handle three weeks in the jungle without sex?
That'll be difficult - especially when I think about Tom. This will be the longest I've gone without sex while I've been seeing him. It'll be hard but when I was single, I went without it for even longer.

So what is the longest you've gone without?
I've gone years without sex before! I was in a relationship where the guy was such a dickhead that I came up with excuse after excuse not to do it with him. It went on for years.

Blimey! Will you be going topless in the jungle?
No! I can't do that! Not with these boobs, especially now they've been pumped up twice. I'll keep my top on for once - even in the jungle shower. Sorry!

What about "doing a Myleene" and playing up to the cameras in the shower?
I don't know if she played up to the cameras. I'm sure that's how she showers every day! I'm just going to be me. I'm a natural show-off, but I'm not planning anything.

How did you prepare yourself for the show?
I got my roots done, my nails done and had a few sunbeds, which I know is naughty but no one wants to be pale in the jungle! I also had my eyelashes tinted. I'm quite confident in my body. I've had a baby, so I've got a few stretch marks, but who cares? I've got amazing boobs and that's what everyone will be looking at!

Too right. How many bikinis did you bring?
We've only been allowed two, but they're nice and exactly what you'd expect me to wear in the jungle. I've got a really bright pink one because pink's my favourite colour. It's a very bright triangle string bikini, but it's not a thong. I've also got another one with polka dots on. They're both very cutesy!

Is Tom worried you might reveal anything embarrassing about him that his Peterborough teammates can rib him about?
I think I've done that already! He's cool about it and really supportive. I'm sure he'll get ribbed, but that's what footballers are like - it'll be like water off a duck's back to him!

Your boobs are a stonking 32G! Tempted to go any bigger?

I'll definitely have another boob job. I love my breasts - I'm obsessed with big boobs. I'll go for a third enlargement but I'll stop after that. Tom will kill me if I go bigger again!

How big?
I don't know. It's really weird because they are quite a big cup size but I don't think they look that big. I'll see what the surgeon can squeeze in there!

Hang on. Bigger boobs. A stint in the jungle. Do you want to be the next Jordan?
No! That comparison is made about any model with biggish boobs! Jordan's an icon. No one's going to be the next Jordan. I'm me and I'm unique. I'm very happy being Nicola McLean!

Do you get on with your fellow WAGs?
I love the other WAGs - they're fantastic. All of the girls I've met have been lovely - apart from one. But I'm not going to say who that is. I've got a big mouth at times. I'll get into trouble!

Are you worried about losing weight in the jungle?
I'd love to lose weight in the jungle! What woman wouldn't? There's always some weight to lose from somewhere. As long as it doesn't come off my boobs, I'll be happy.

What do you usually wear to bed?
I usually wear nothing except make-up.

Wow. So any danger of slipping back into old habits in the camp?
No, because I don't want a leech on my bum! No way! And I don't mean a jungle man when I say leech! I'll be wearing whatever everyone else wears to bed. I'm sorry, but I'm not that outrageous!

What Bushtucker Trial are you most dreading?

All of them! I'm absolutely petrified. When Dr Bob [Jarvik] explained all the dangerous things we'll see in the jungle, I cried. I'm getting nervous just talking about it. I'll find all the trials tough - there's not one that I can handle.

What will make you walk?
Nothing - I'll never walk. I'm going to win the show!

PUB FACT: I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! is filmed near Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.

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