Sammy Braddy: Best Boobs 2008

Best Boobs 2008: Sammy BraddyBack in August, next to a picture of Sammy Braddy and her gravity-defying mega-mamms, we used our cover to ask a very important question: "Are these the best boobs in Britain?"

As 2008 draws to a close, we now feel we can say... yes, they are. They rarely come any better (or bigger) - which is why the discovery of the 23-year-old's pert pups has topped our list of the year's best boobs. See Sammy Braddy topless right here!

There's no denying their glory - they've even caused otherwise stable men to walk into lampposts. And who can blame them?

Congratulations on winning our Boobs Of The Year award...
Thank you everybody! I'd like to accept this award on behalf of my breasts. They're very proud of themselves. Thank you to everyone who supports them! People keep saying I've got the best boobs in the business, so I guess this was bound to happen at some point! I never used to think I liked having big boobs, but I'd hate it now if they disappeared - I love them!

Do you look after them well?
I always wear a bra to bed - although I do let them out for special occasions. They're quite happy to come out then! They're so big, but they seem to defy the laws of gravity. I don't want them flapping round my knees when I'm older, so maybe I'll get a boob job when I'm 80, just to shock everyone! It's funny, because everyone thinks they're fake. Some people have said they wouldn't work with me because I've got fake boobs - but they are real!

Who else has good boobs?
Sophie Howard - she has the most perfect nipples ever! They're really well formed and completely symmetrical. They look like they've been stuck on! Hers would look weird on my boobs, though. Scarlett Johansson's got quite a nice little rack, too. They seem real, but she's never got them out, has she? It could just be a very good Wonderbra!

How would you describe yours?
They're big and pert. The good thing about mine is that my nipples are high up on my boobs, so when I wear low-cut tops I have to be really careful they don't pop out. I have to get people on boob watch to tell me if I've fallen out! It probably happens all the time and no one tells me!

We'd keep quiet. Are your boobs famous in their own right?
They're probably more famous than me! I'm sure I've spotted them in the back of other mags and wondered whether they were mine! They're also the most-requested boobs at a famous plastic surgeons, apparently.

Have you thought about having a Facebook page for them?
I'd love to but they keep deleting my page, so I'm limited with my sexy pictures! I even tried covering my nipples with little hearts, but I don't think they're keen on any nudity. It must be women running that site!

The swines. Is bigger better?
There's a place for all sorts. Danni Wells has quite small boobs, but they're lovely. Sometimes I'd like them smaller so I could wear some different clothes. It can be sexy in a different way. I go out without a bra sometimes - they don't move about too much, so I can get away with it.

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PUB FACT: Sammy would like to do either a bondage-themed or 1950's icon photoshoot.

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Best Boobs 2008: Sammy Braddy

What's the biggest boob you've ever made?
I embarrass myself all the time. I'm really clumsy and ditzy and I'm constantly falling over...

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