Georgina Baillie Strips!

Georgina Baillie Strips!Over the last two dramatic weeks, Georgina Baillie has caused Russell Brand to sensationally resign, Jonathan Ross to be suspended and almost brought down the BBC.

Now she's turned to ZOO for her first topless shoot since becoming Britain's most famous naughty granddaughter. Manuel from Fawlty Towers, look away now...

See Georgina Baillie's nude pictures here on ZOO.

Georgina Baillie's Nude Video!

Watch Georgina Baillie, the gorgeous granddaughter of Manuel from Faulty Towers get completely naked here on ZOO!

And read the interview here...

Georgina, how have you been?
It's been crazy, exhausting and surprising! I've found out who my real friends are. And I'm famous all of a sudden, which is weird. Everyone I've met in my life has got in touch with me somehow. Reporters found my mobile number, so I've had to change it. I've heard from everyone ­ good and bad. People have found stuff out about me I was hoping no one ever would. But I feel liberated as I don't have secrets any more...

How have your family taken the revelations?
I didn't want my private business coming out ­ not only for the public to hear ­ but for my grandparents to hear. What kind of girl wants their family knowing about some of the stuff that's happened to me (it's now public knowledge that Georgina made a porn film two years ago)? It was stuff I wish I hadn't done.

How did you not expect your family to find out about your porn past?
Funnily enough, my family don't look for stuff like that! It was two years ago and the film was made when I was living in a crazy house with lot of parties and drugs going on. It was a really dodgy time in my life. But everyone has a past. I'm sure a lot of people have things they'll take to the grave with them.

Are you more upset for your grandfather, actor Andrew Sachs, or that your past has been exposed?
I'm upset that my grandparents are embarrassed of me because of what I did two years ago. It shouldn't have been something people found out about. It's now permanently ruined my relationship with my family because they feel like
they don't know me. Nobody ever Googled me before, yet I had the most searched name in the UK last week, which is insane! I tried to explain to them that the porn film was two years ago when I was 21, a bit of an idiot and
partying my arse off. Now, though, I'm having an awesome time! In a way, it's been a blessing for me that Russell Brand opened his big mouth because otherwise I'd never have got to do a photoshoot like this!

Didn't your family know you were in burlesque dance troupe, The Satanic Sluts?
My parents were aware, but my grandparents didn't know the name of the group. They hate the name, but I think they'll come around.

Is it as saucy as it sounds?
There's no actual sex! It's just mainly burlesque dancing, gore and horror. It's theatrical and looks awesome!

You once auditioned for Page 3...
Yeah, they wanted a picture of my granddad next to my topless shot but he thought it was distasteful.

How did your Page 3 audition happen in the first place?
My granddad actually introduced me to the photographer for the Page 3 pictures, so there are things he's happy with and things he's not. It all seemed perfectly innocent to me. If you look at the shots, I look like a different person. I look all squeaky clean and cute, so that's why I think he was all right with me doing topless, but nothing dirtier!

So, you're definitely a naughty girl then?
Oh yeah! I'm never going to be a Blue Peter presenter! I'm really grateful for this ZOO shoot. I've always wanted to be in ZOO, so when the opportunity arose, I was really pleased!

Do you enjoy taking your clothes off?
Yeah, I think I look better without them on! There's nothing wrong with getting naked. Also, burlesque allows you to tease your clothes off­ making the whole thing so much more exciting!

Have you always wanted to be famous?
No, but I've always wanted to be a burlesque performer. When I do my shows, I feel really saucy! I suppose I wanted recognition but I still can't get my head around the famous part! When people describe me as a celebrity, I'm like, "Who? Me?" At the National Television Awards, even Simon Cowell was talking about it. I thought, "Simon Cowell knows who I am? Oh my God!"

Are you enjoying the fame now?
Yeah, I liked doing this sexy shoot! And it¹s nice when people support me and say what Russell and Jonathan Ross did was bad.

Have you heard from Mr Brand since everything kicked off?
My cousin called me and said Russell was talking about me on the radio. So I texted him and said "Stop it!" But he didn't. He did apologise on TV, so I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion. They should've just had
their suspensions, then come back. I just hope everyone recovers from it because Jonathan and Russell are very talented and, as comedians, I like them ­ though maybe not as people so much!

Yet you dated Russell a couple of years ago?
Yeah, but I've only met him four times. The first time we met was in late 2006. I'd just come out of a relationship so I asked my friend to set me up with someone for a fling ­ someone who'd make me laugh. So she gave me Russell's number! I texted him and we met up...

How is your granddad now?
I wouldn't know. I haven't spoken to him [since the porn film revelation]. I can't face it at the moment. We need to have time for everyone to chill out and accept the situation. I spoke to him after all the Brand/Ross stuff and that was fine because it wasn't my fault. But now my past has come out and I don't think any grandparents would be happy with the kind of shit I used to do. I just hope my family can move on.

Are you happy with how Jonathan and Russell were dealt with?
It was all a bit dramatic. At first, I said I wanted them fired because I was so upset that they'd hurt my family. But now I don't know. All I really wanted was for my granddad and I to get an apology from both of them. And we
did, so it's fine now.

Do you think some of the quotes that were printed in the tabloids were taken out of context? They didn't actually say they wanted to abuse him...
When they said my granddad might hang himself after what they'd done, obviously that really upset me. But everyone makes mistakes. They were getting carried away. You know Russell's comedy is very fast, very adrenaline-pumping, and sometimes he doesn't think about what he's saying. He probably just came out with it.

And it was obviously all meant as a joke...
I read the unedited transcripts of the show and they were saying some pretty harsh things and whatever context it was in, it was disturbing. Russell likes to take big risks, but this time it didn't really work out. And I used to enjoy watching Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. But obviously it's
not going to be on air for a while!

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PUB FACT: Georgina Baillie says she "can't remember" whether there were ever more people in bed with her and Russell Brand.

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Georgina Baillie Nude!

What would you say if you saw either of them?
If I saw Russell, I'd say, "I'm sorry the whole thing got blown out of proportion, I hope you're OK ­ but I'm not going to sleep with you any more!" Ha ha. I don't think he'd want to have sex with me anyway, because he hates me now. To Jonathan Ross I'd say, "You've got a daughter. So imagine if someone said they'd like to do stuff like that to her ­ it's not cool."

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