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Katy JacksonWe know how much you chaps love ZOO's First Timers - which is why we've featured 1,020 of them in these pages and on over the last year. And which is why, when we asked you to pick out your favourite, we knew she would have to be absolutely smoking hot.

Step forward our monthly winner from May, Leeds barmaid Katy Jackson! The 34DD blonde beauty - who pulls pints in Yates's on Woodhouse Lane - beat fellow contestants boobs-down in a final vote-off, with an impressive winning score of 8.4 out of 10. Like we always say, you ZOO readers certainly know a good thing when you see it. Flushed with her success, now 20-year-old Katy has stars in her saucy eyes and is planning to move to London to seek her glamour fortune. Just remember, you clocked her here first...

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Congratulations! You've beaten off so many hotties...
It's amazing! I beat 80 girls a month! I really want to be on the front cover of ZOO now! Since being in the mag, I've been getting noticed all the time. I'll be at work in the pub and some customers will say, "You're that girl from ZOO!" and ask me to sign copies of their magazine!

So just about everyone's seen your boobs now...
Yes, but it doesn't bother me. I love it! When I'm serving people they spend all their time looking at my chest. I always wear revealing tops and I wiggle them about. Some lads think I'm just a pair of boobs!

Why do you think ZOO readers chose you?
I think they like my boobs because they're real - but they're not saggy! People are always telling me they're better than fake boobs.

Now you're a top ZOO girl, who would you most like to do a photoshoot with?
Keeley Hazell. My boyfriend has pictures of her on his wall! Kim Acourt is really pretty too. She's got good natural big boobs and a great body. I always think if you've got fake boobs, you're cheating! Natural talent is much better...

So who's had a rubbish boob job?
Mariah Carey has the worst boob job ever! They're too far apart, they look stupidly big for her body and they're in the wrong place. She needs to sort them out.

What's your ultimate fantasy?
To have sex on a pool table. Up to now, my rudest experience has been having sex in a backroom at a guy's work. It was really risky. If we'd been caught, he'd have been sacked. I had a really short skirt on and I was up against a big staircase.

Have you got any impressive party tricks?
Well, I've got my tongue pierced. Guys seem to like that quite a lot...

Any girl-on-girl bunk-ups?
I've snogged my best mate before. My boyfriend at the time said, "Don't cheat on me with anyone." So I grabbed my mate and said, "Is this cheating?" He didn't seem to mind - he asked us to keep doing it!

What's your favourite position in the sack?
Doggy style. Even if you're really bad at sex, you can't mess up with doggy style! Rough-and-ready sex
is always the best. None of this sweet-talking rubbish!

So you enjoy a quickie?
Yeah, but it's got to be in a random place. I've had them in pubs, on the way home, on beaches, in cars... In a park, I once turned a guy on without touching him - just by using facial expressions and talking dirty. We didn't quite make it home...

Best way to spice things up in the bedroom?
Try everything. Don't be scared to tell each other what you want. Read magazines, watch porn... don't just stick with the basics or it gets boring.

Weirdest place you've had sex?
In my sister's bed. I was looking after her house...

Any funny drunken stories?
My skirt fell down at work last Saturday night. I was stood on a barrel putting stickers up on a mirror. It was quite busy and my skirt slipped off. My bum was at everyone's head level! Everyone was like, "Wahey!"

PUB FACT: Katy says the celebs she's told she most looks like are the Olsen twins, Sammy Winward and Samia Smith.

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