Alice Takes Us To Wonderland!

Alice Goodwin Strips!Theo Walcott isn't the only prodigy taking the country by storm right now. Since being spotted on a Bournemouth beach this year, 20-year-old Alice Goodwin has became the most talked-about glamour talent in the country.

Naturally, ZOO fought off all comers to hand the 32F honey her long-awaited magazine debut back in June - and now, she's back to discuss her famous rack, male and female admirers and the benefits of permanently erect nipples...

Judging by the bulging sacks of fan mail we're receiving, you're the hottest model in the country right now. How does it feel?
Absolutely amazing! Since being discovered earlier in the summer, life has become steadily more insane. I never thought in a million years I'd be recognised in the street!

We can imagine you're getting a fair amount of male attention...
It's mad. My Facebook site crashed because I had over 1,000 friend requests! It's lovely people know who you are, but now and again you do get the odd over-enthusiastic fan. And they're not always just blokes!

Really? Got yourself some female admirers, too, eh?
Definitely! And strangely, they tend to be more persistent, too! I've had girls come up and be exceptionally precise and really rather rude about what they'd like to do to me!

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PUB FACT: Alice used to be a fashion model but considers glamour to be a "far more fun and sexy" industry to work in.

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Here's why Alice Goodwin is without a doubt one of ZOO's hottest brunettes!

Hi, Alice. we’ve heard you once weighed your own boobs?

Yup, and they’re really heavy. Each one is 745g, so I’m carrying around one-and-a-half bags of sugar on each boob!

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