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Madison WelchBack by popular demand and heading up our 'Naked' special is ZOO cover girl Madison Welch.

Launch our slideshow to see our fantastic gallery of hotties in their birthday suits and then read what happened when we caught up with the naughty clothes-shedder...

Madison, your last ZOO appearance saw you christened "Mucky Madison", after you made some sexual admissions that left our interviewer blushing...
Whoops! I do have a habit of saying things that get me into trouble! What can I say, I just like talking about sex! A lot!

So, what have you been up to recently? Any sex in public places?
Oh yeah, definitely. I'm a bit obsessed with having sex in strange public places at the moment. I'm just ticking off a list of venues I've got in my head. I recently had sex in a zoo, which I thought would impress you guys!

It does. We hope none of the animals were watching...
I think they'd have been impressed if they were! I'm just such an exhibitionist. I think I must get off on knowing people might catch me. I don't want the ZOO readers thinking I do this with every guy I meet though! It's only with one lucky person!

We're not sure you're being completely honest. We seem to recall you mentioning a few other people getting involved in your sex life?
Ha ha! Oh, you must mean the fivesomes! Yeah, it's sometimes a bit more fun adding a few girls into the mix! Occasionally, I get carried away with how many people I get involved!

Regardless of gender?
Definitely. Girls are just so sexy. And we look far better naked, too.

No arguments from us there, Madison...

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Madison Welch

Madison Welch Naked!

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