Imogen: Big Brother's Sexiest!

Imogen ThomasOK, so it dominates TV schedules all bloody summer and your girlfriend suddenly finds herself incapable of talking about anything else. But however hard we attempt to resist the annual spectacle of Big Brother, it always proves beyond us.

Of course, in the week of the Series 9 final, we're blaming the consistently high quality of female housemates. To justify this excuse we've recruited BB's hottest-ever honey, BB7's 25-year-old Welsh wonder Imogen Thomas. Oh, and she kindly brought along her freshly-upgraded 32E friends, too...

See Imogen's 32E-filled pictures before watching her new friends in 3D...

Imogen's Interview With ZOO!

Imogen! Have you enjoyed this year's Big Brother? More specifically, have you enjoyed the female talent?
I've loved the show this year, but I was a bit worried to begin with! Girls like Stephanie, Jen and Rachel are very pretty, but they're so skinny - I wasn't sure how sexy they actually were. Guys like girls with big boobs, bums and curves! So, I was so pleased when Sara and Maysoon arrived. I'm not sure Maysoon could be classified as sexy though, as she hardly said a word, but Sara's fantastic and very, very fit. If I was a guy I'd definitely fancy her. I think it's something to do with those big, full lips of hers...

If you‘d returned to the house, would you have sexed things up a bit?
I wouldn't ever have sex in the house, if that's what you mean! It takes a "special" kind of girl to go all the way on national television. But I'd certainly try and raunch things up...

Any particular methods?
Well, when I was on BB two years ago, I was so shy that I'd get changed under a duvet. But after all the sexy ZOO photoshoots, I'm a different girl now! If I was on the show this year, I'd happily march around in just a thong for 13 weeks! I'm sure being in ZOO has turned me into a saucy little madam! Oh, I'd bring Orlaith [from BB6] in with me, too. I think she's the all-time sexiest Big Brother girl.

Could any of your new-found confidence be put down to your recently-enhanced 32E boobs?

I wondered how long it'd be before they got a mention! Yes, I think we could probably blame these bad-boys for my surge of confidence! Although, I must admit, they have taken some getting used to...

In what way?
It's just that they're so much bigger than before! I've had to buy lots of new underwear and dress differently. It's brilliant when I wear a bikini, because it feels great filling it out. But it's still a bit strange sometimes - like when I wake up, I forget I've had them done and am greeted by the sight of these enormous boobs!

We can think of worse things to wake up to...
Ha ha! I definitely agree! But don't get me wrong, I do love them! I'm a naturally curvy girl and think they suit my figure perfectly. Plus, there have been no complaints
from any guys so far!

So, what have you got lined up next?
I've been running my nail bar, "Imogen's Nails" in Cardiff since April, but I've lots of meetings planned to get me back on TV. I love being in front of the camera, so there's plenty of presenting and documentary discussions about to happen.

And how about the modelling?
I don't think this will be the last you'll see of my new boobs, let's put it that way! I owe a lot to the modelling work I've done and I do really enjoy it. I'm shooting my 2009 calendar soon, too, which should be fantastic and I can't wait to show off my new body again. Since going topless in ZOO, I've felt really comfortable and sexy in photoshoots. I can't wait to see what ZOO has in store for me next!

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Imogen Thomas

Imogen: Big Brother's Sexiest!

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