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Porchia Chats To ZOO!

How does it feel to own a pair of ZOO's favourite British bangers?
It's amazing! I've just come back from St Tropez with Casey Batchelor. I told her I was going to be in ZOO, so we've been sharing tips - and tits!

Who's got the best pair?
Casey! Hers are massive! And ZOO girls Sammie Pennington and Charlotte McKenna have great ones too.

Naturally, you all hang out naked together...
When girls are with girls, we hardly ever keep our clothes on. We all love each other's boobs. It's all we ever talk about!

Do you get annoyed with blokes always gawping at your cans?
No. I do it to my friends! When I'm talking to Sammie and she's got a low-cut top on, it's hard.

What's the biggest boob you've ever made?
I was working on a TV show and they had a famous footballer in. I assumed he was a runner, so I kept asking him to get my lunch. I got called into the office and was told I'd been ordering around Rodney Marsh! I had to go and apologise!

PUB FACT: Porchia is in talks about joining a girlband.

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