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Kim's Interview With ZOO!

Kim! Congratulations on, well, having such fantastic boobs!
Ha ha! Thank you very much! I'm a bit of a fan myself!

Have you always been aware of how "fortunate" you are?
Well, my boobs appeared from quite a young age, but I was enormously self-conscious when I was younger. The girls at school always accused me of stuffing tissue down my top!

But you've grown to appreciate them now, right?
Absolutely. Starting modelling has definitely made me feel so much sexier. For example, I used to wear baggy clothes down to the gym, whereas now I wear the tiniest little tops on the treadmill! Everyone in the gym was like, "Where were you hiding those?!"

And how have you found your ZOO shoot?
Oh, I've loved it. It's been my first-ever magazine shoot and it's so much more fun doing different sexy poses in different lingerie than just doing the same Page 3 pose. I want to have my own shoot on a tropical island next! And don't worry about buying me any clothes: we'll just do it naked!

Wow. Now, are big boobs best?
Definitely! I absolutely love big boobs. They're just so horny, aren't they? Big, pert boobs are the best things ever. And nipples are vital, too. Good boobs can be ruined by an oversized nipple. It's really tough getting the balance right!

PUB FACT: If Kim Acourt could do a photoshoot with another model, it'd be Sam Cooke.

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