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ZOO's Natter With Kaylee!

Kaylee, what's the best thing about having such a fantastic chest?
Well, they go with any outfit, for a start! They're the ultimate accessory. Handbags, shoes and boobs: it's the checklist all girls should have.

Do people only see you as a "girl with amazing boobs"?
Yeah, people tend to think you're a bit of a bimbo just for having big boobs. But fortunately, I got A-stars at school and Double-Ds in the boobs department, so I can prove them wrong! Well, I'm actually an F now, but you know what I mean!

We like a girl with brains and beauty. Describe your perfect boobs.
I like boobs that look fake but are actually real. I think that's because people always assume mine must be fake. They need to be really round, firm but enjoyable wobbly and obviously really, really perky.

Are there any ZOO girls who's boobs you've taken a fancy to?
Danni Wells. I think we're boob twins! Honestly, check them out - we've got the same rack, down to the inch-wide nipples!

Uncanny! Finally, how do you deal with guys you catch talking to your boobs?
Pinch their chins and remind them where my face is! I'm not backwards in coming forwards, just to warn any ZOO readers who want to come and talk to me!

PUB FACT: Kaylee was bought her first bra aged just 10!

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