Best New Boobs: Katy Jackson

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Katy's ZOO Interview!

How do you feel about us celebrating your crown jewels?
It's great! I'm really excited! They only started growing when I was 16, so they're probably going to get even bigger in the next year now I'm 20! I'm a 34DD and I'm sure they're just going to keep on expanding!

Do you get annoyed when blokes stare at your rack?
No, because if they're ugly then I don't have to look at their face! I don't mind really... as long as they're not really old men! I've been told lots of times that they're better than fake boobs. Either that, or people refuse to believe they're real.

Are you kitted out with an extensive lingerie collection?
Yeah, I am now my boobs have got bigger. I love French knickers and silk bras.

Us too. Whose boobs would you like to get your mitts on?
Jordan's or Jodie Marsh's. Both have great boobs in their own ways. I love them both!

Biggest tit you've ever made of yourself?
I was stone-cold sober and had a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other, and I fell down the stairs in front of all my workmates. I didn't spill a drop, though!

PUB FACT: Katy Jackson can hold a bottle of beer in her cleavage and drink it without using her hands.

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