Bianca Gascoigne Naked!

Bianca Gascoigne nakedWe were never in any doubt that Bianca Gascoigne was seriously fit. Now we have cast-iron confirmation.

Her recent turn on Celebrity Gladiators not only culminated in a glorious victory over glamour royalty Danielle Lloyd, but also prompted ZOO to pick up the phone.

No, we haven't booked a gym membership. Instead, we set about convincing the 21-year-old to hit the studio for her raunchiest, most naked and naughtiest shoot yet. Turns out we're quite persuasive when we want to be...

Check out Bianca's saucey pictures before watching her raunchy video below!

Bianca, you're pretty damn naked in our shoot today. How did we manage to tempt you out of your clothes?

Well, I think I'm in the best condition of my life. I've just finished doing Celebrity Gladiators so my fitness is good and I'm really happy with my boobs, too!

Ah yes, your boobs. You've tried out a couple of sizes. What have you settled on?

Ha! I'm a 34E now, and I think they're perfect. I won't be having anything else done. I'm a curvy girl, and always felt like I'd look so much better with boobs that matched the rest of my body. So I'm finally content!

And so you should be. Did you enjoy shedding your clothes for this shoot?
I really did, yeah. Obviously it's nerve-wracking knowing that you're going to be naked in front of a studio full of people, but I love wearing all the beautiful underwear and I also feel really flattered. It's really nice to know that people actually want to see pictures of you without anything on! If I'm ever feeling a bit down, I'll just remind myself that some guys must like me if ZOO have asked me to strip! Ha ha!

Do you have any strict underwear "dos and don'ts"?
Well, I love black, lacy or silk underwear. It has to be classy. Any guy out there thinking about treating me to lingerie should definitely steer clear of anything too raunchy. I'm not sure I'd be massively keen on wearing crotchless panties or nipple tassles! Lingerie should leave something to the imagination!
Now, we seem to spend half our lives scanning through photos of you on holiday with various glamour girl mates.

Do you not have any ugly friends to go on holiday with?

Oi, you're making me sound horrible! All my friends are obviously gorgeous, but the paparazzi only seem to get their cameras out when I'm on the beach with my Page 3 friends. I can't possibly think why...
We can imagine the attention you lot must get abroad...
Yeah, I think the sun and a few San Miguels help guys feel a bit more confident about coming up to us! But the attention is lovely. And holidaying with glamour models means I have to raise my game, too!

You've just come away victorious from Celebrity Gladiators after defeating Danielle Lloyd. Was there a massive glamour showdown after recording?
Ha ha! No not at all. We both knew it was only a bit of a fun! But I must admit I was really pleased to have won! It was so physical and I used muscles I didn't know existed. The Gladiators were all really lovely. Hilariously, all the photographers hanging around outside the studio kept mistaking me for Tempest, which hopefully shows I was in decent condition. Plus, she's stunning, so I don't mind being mistaken for her!

What have you got lined up next?

Well, I'm currently learning how to DJ and also pursuing my music career properly. I should have a single ready for release by the end of the year, which is the most exciting thing possible. And then there's two new shows I'm doing, too. But don't worry, I'm sure I can find the time to get back into the studio for ZOO. If you want me...

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Bianca Gascoigne Naked!
PUB FACT: Bianca Gascoigne says she likes all kinds of music "except country"

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