Sammy Braddy: Britain's Best Boobs?

 Page 3 stunner Sammy Braddy has laid down the gauntlet, after declaring that she may have the best boobs in Britain!

Keeley, Seren, Amii, Danni - there's plenty of honeys with chests we could stare at all day. But does Sammy do it for you?

Check out Ms Braddy's amazing slideshow and video (we want you to make an informed opinion, after all...) and let us know what your thoughts are!

Sammy's Shoot On Video!

ZOO Chats With Sammy!

Sammy! After careful deliberation, we've determined that you have possibly the greatest boobs in Britain. Do you agree?
Ha! Why, thank you very much ZOO! I am very, very proud of them. And I don't want to sound big-headed, but I think your headline might be right. I've don't think I've seen anyone with better boobs. I'm a very lucky girl!

So you're aware of just how incredible your rack is?
Only since I started modelling. Before that, not one boyfriend ever complimented me on them - or even acknowledged my boobs! Looking back now, I think they must have been a tad intimidated. Still, it's their loss, I guess!

Can you describe your boobs for us using just five words?
Hmm, tough question! OK... Big. Round. Pert. The. Best! Is that a bit arrogant of me to say that?

Not at all. Obviously a major factor with perfect boobs are the nipples - are you happy with yours?
Yes! They're quite high-up on my boobs, which I think helps in ensuring they always look so pert. You don't want low-hanging nips! Plus, they're not too big, which is a bonus considering the size of my boobs. So overall, yes I am rather pleased with them!

Do you find that guys struggle to maintain eye contact while talking to you?
Ha! They do! It pisses me off sometimes. I'm quite a straight-talking girl though so I usually make it known if they're gazing at my boobs while attempting to have a nice chat with me. Guys just seem to think it's fine because they've probably seen them in a magazine! It's not, lads. You'll have to at least buy me a drink first! That's a joke, by the way...

Are they a lot of fun in the bedroom?
They are nice and sensitive, so yes they are. Although men don't ever seem to pay them much attention once we're at that stage! It's bizarre. I think they panic and don't want to give me the impression that they only fancy me for my boobs. So, half the time, I literally have to grab a guy's hands, thrust them onto my chest and yell: "Pay them some bloody attention!"

Wow. Anything else you'd like to get off your, well, chest?
Just how incredibly expensive bras are in a 30GG. You have to negotiate a second mortgage to kit yourself out in posh lingerie when you're this size! It's also very tricky to wear anything that doesn't make you look a little bit slutty. Everything I wear shows the rack off, even if I don't mean to!

What's Your Verdict?
Are Sammy's boobs really the best in Britain? Tell us by dropping us a comment!

PUB FACT: Sammy Braddy says the coolest thing she's ever done is travel out to Iraq to visit our troops

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Sammy Braddy: Britain's Best Boobs?

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