High Street Honeys Strip!

 Now, this is the kind of Changing Of The Guard we wish our schools had bundled us into a coach to see when we were kids.

Forget stone-faced soldiers in furry hats standing to attention. This is the gorgeous-but-departing FHM High Street Honey Charlotte McKenna handing her crown over to equally sexy successor Lisa-Helen Ralph - by hanging around in Ibiza with nothing to keep them warm but bikinis and the blistering sun. But that doesn't seem to have stopped them cuddling up.

There are no horses or sentry boxes involved. Just tiny swimsuits and a lot of toned, tanned flesh.

Eyyyyyyyyeeeeeeees front!

Launch the Honeys' slideshow and watch their video below!

ZOO's Chat With Lisa-Helen!

Lisa-Helen, how does it feel to be crowned FHM's High Street Honey of 2008?
It's great! I found out at the end of April and I was bursting to tell people, but I had to keep schtum!

Ready to represent hot women all over the world?
I don't know about that! I wouldn't call myself a "hot woman" - I'm not really sure how I won!

Having seen these pics, we've got a pretty good idea...
Thanks! It's a great boost for my confidence. This photoshoot in Ibiza with Charlotte was great - she's lovely! We get on really well, which helped me in doing the shoot. In fact, we hit it off so well that I've stayed with her a couple of times at her house in London.

We heard! So tell us, what goes on at a High Street Honeys slumber party?
I'll tell you what goes on - Charlotte freaking me out by constantly telling me her house is haunted! One night, I heard a knocking on the wall and got so scared, I had to go and sleep in her bed.

Any excuse, eh?
Yeah! Another time, I was downstairs in Charlotte's spare room. I heard her door open and the next thing I heard was a worried cry of, "Lisa! The door's just opened by itself!" So, I asked if she wanted me to come up there and join her. She said yes.

Has Charlotte taken you under her wing and taught you how to be a first-class High Street Honey?
Yeah, she's taught me how to pose, because this is all so new to me. I watch her and she knows exactly what she's doing, but she's been doing it for a year now, so hopefully in a year's time, I'll be as good her. The other Honeys told us they're going to initiate you into their gang by making you do a naked catwalk in front of them...

Really? That sounds a bit scary!
I haven't met the rest of them yet, but if that's what it's going to be like, I'm bloody terrified!

We're sure they'll be very gentle with you. In our experience, you've got to be able to handle your drink to be a Honey. Had any mad nights on the sauce?
I had a bad experience when I was much younger with too much cheap Champagne. I threw up on the grass outside my cousin's house and it's never grown back!

How has your life changed since you won the Honeys crown?
Well, I used my £10,000 prize money to pay off some of my debts and I've quit my job. And I'm learning how to DJ at the moment, too - that's something I'd like to do, eventually. I know a couple of DJs, so they're helping me learn. And the Kiss FM guys have said I can use some of their equipment. It takes a while to pick up, but there's a long shelf-life for DJs, so it's a good thing to get into.

Have you had loads of guys hitting on you since you became the newest Honey?
I've got a Facebook page that I like to call my "Tits And Arse" page. I've had quite a few weird messages left on there...

Can you repeat any of them?
Nothing really rude, but I do get the odd strange one from people saying, "Remember me?" No, I don't! I don't even know you! Then there are guys saying they'll fly me out to Paris or New York or whatever!

And are you ready for the onslaught of footballers lusting after your charms now?
I'm single and happy that way! I've been unlucky in love, so I've just bought a puppy called Bentley to keep me company.

Lucky pup!

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