Charlotte McKenna Naked!

 Blair to Brown. Brosnan to Craig. Henman to Murray. Recent history has seen the symbolic passing of many important torches, be they from the world of politics, showbiz or Wimbledon quarter-finals.

But the most significant changing of the guard has come in the sphere of nudey modelling. Charlotte McKenna has lifted her delicious, ZOO-appointed Best Bum Of 2008 off the throne marked "FHM High Street Honey" and handed it over to 22-year-old Bath babe, Lisa-Helen Ralph.

But fear not. This doesn't mark the end of Charlotte's career in trouser-tightening photoshoots. On the contrary, she's deemed it the appropriate occasion to unleash her hottest shoot yet - and we're not just talking about the temperature of the Balearic sunshine under which she now flings off her bikini.

What's more, after a whole gallery and video of eye-boggling skinny-dipping, Charlotte then accompanies Lisa-Helen in her first-ever ZOO shoot. Where, clothes quickly discarded, Miss Ralph shows us just why FHM readers voted her this year's High Street Honey...

Launch Charlotte's slideshow and see her scorching video below!

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ZOO Chats With Charlotte!

So, Charlotte, your reign as High Street Honey is at an end. You're the outgoing queen...
Outgoing? You're making me sound old! How dare you! Ha ha!

As if. Do you feel you've done the title justice?
Oh, definitely. And I hope all you boys agree! I've had a lot of fun, met celebs and been to loads of VIP parties, so I must've been doing something right! But that does mean you get loads of footballers cracking onto you. They think just because you're a glamour model and they're a footballer, you should automatically cop off. But I can safely say I haven't been with any footballers!

Isn't all that extra male attention just part of the job?
Oh yeah, it's really flattering. I get loads of really nice comments posted on my Facebook and MySpace pages, which is always good for a girl's confidence!

How else is life different from your pre-Honey days?
I've seen a lot of naked girls in my life as a High Street Honey. That's got to be one of the perks of the job! And I also got to travel to places I'd never have dreamed of before. For example, I went to Kazakhstan for a photoshoot a while ago, which was a bit mad. I thought it was going to be really sunny out there, so I didn't bother checking the weather forecast before I left and just packed a suitcase full of bikinis - but when we arrived, it was pelting down with snow!

And what has being awarded ZOO's Best Bum Of 2008 (Issue 209) done for you?
It's a great honour, but guys think that just because I've got a nice bum, they can grab hold of it whenever they like! I think it must be because you guys awarded me the title, lads fancy checking it out to see if it really is that good! I told ZOO when you crowned me that I definitely needed some protection, some dwarves to look after my bum - a
pair of security guards about the height of my butt who can watch out and intercept any stray hands - but I still haven't found any. Can you find me some? Any dwarves who fancy becoming a bum security guard should write in to ZOO...

We'll alert the postman. You're no longer the reigning High Street Honey, but you're still part of an elite group of former Honeys. What's that like?
It's really good fun. When I was doing the FHM tour with the other Honeys - Tanya Robinson, Kayleigh Pearson, Natalie Pike and Hayley Parsons - we had a right laugh. There's quite a few of us now - six in total...

Will new Honey Lisa-Helen have to go through some kind of initiation ceremony?
The others are saying she's going to have to do a naked catwalk in front of us to become part of the gang. We'll have to wait and see...

Is she fit to wear your crown?
Definitely. Lisa's gorgeous - she's got great boobs, a fantastic figure and she's a lovely girl. As soon as I found out it was Lisa who had won, I called her up straight away, because I thought she would be a bit nervous about coming out to Ibiza for her first shoot. I wanted to congratulate her and give her the benefit of my experience! And when we met up in Ibiza, we got on really well, so we're really close now - we've already had a few slumber parties at my house!

Did you give her much advice?
A little bit, but I haven't really had to. She's very confident and really knows what she's doing. I mean, look at her: she's a good-looking girl! It's not fair that it's another blonde - that makes me feel even worse to be handing it over to a girl with blonde hair too!

Some might say it proves blondes are sexier...
Actually, yeah - you're right! Us blondes are definitely sexier than brunettes now! I'm sure she'll do well. I've just got to hand over the crown to her and see if she can do as a good a job as I have...

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