Beach Party: Sammie Pennington

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ZOO's Beach Banter With Sammie!

What's your idea of a good holiday, Sammie?
I love girls' holidays. I've only just got back from a week in Malaga with all my friends. It was the wildest holiday I've ever had. We were getting kicked out of the clubs at 6am and taking everyone back to our hotel to carry on the party. We're lucky we weren't kicked out of the clubs earlier - we were that drunk and disorderly! I'm glad you've taken us to Ibiza - I feel like I need a holiday to get over the first one...

Are you a beach-lover?
Oh yeah - you get a better tan when you sunbathe there. But I don't like getting covered in sand. Not that it would stop me from having sex on the beach. I'm still willing to give it a go!

A commendable attitude. What do you tend to wear on the beach?
Bikini bottoms and nothing else. I can't have tan lines on my boobs when they're always getting photographed, can I? I go topless for the sake of the ZOO readers! Actually, my boobs are so heavy that the bikini string round my neck stops the blood flow and gives me proper headaches. It's a serious problem! Bikinis are a big headache for me - literally!

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Sammie Pennington In Ibiza: Topless Beach Party '08

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