Casey Batchelor Strips!

 Mention the name Casey Batchelor in the ZOO office recently and you'd have picked up the full range of male emotions: pride at how trouser-tinglingly hot our new discovery was; disbelief that they actually make bras to house 34GG bombs; and also a tinge of sadness that she'd never allowed us to show her breasts in their full, gravity-defying glory.

But when we included the 24-year-old Essex honey in our Big Boobs Bonanza (Issue 226), demand from you lot to see more became too great for her to resist.

Casey Batchelor gave us the nod that the bra was finally coming off and we immediately booked a studio and embarked on capturing the most sought-after strip of the year. And now you get to savour the spectacular results...

Casey's Strip Video!

ZOO's Interview With Ms Batchelor!

Casey, it's a big moment in the glamour world...
I know, they're finally unleashed! I wanted to give you guys something to look forward to and create a little suspense. It's always really sexy to desire something you can't have, so I thought I'd be a bit of a tease. I hope they've been worth the wait, guys!

Definitely. Were you nervous about the big day?
Yeah! Really nervous! I started becoming massively self-conscious that my nipples might actually be a bit weird, but as soon as I got into the studio I knew it was going to be great. I felt really sexy, and when it came to the grand unveiling it was enormously liberating!

So, you enjoyed yourself then?
Absolutely. I usually spend the whole time at photoshoots worrying about keeping my nipples out of sight, but now I'm able to be as free as a bird! It was great; I can try out different poses and I feel 10 times sexier. I think now they're out, ZOO readers better get used to them!

I'm sure we all will. What's the best thing about having 34GG boobs?
I think they're amazingly feminine and make every outfit sexy, which can be a problem sometimes! I reckon I'm the only girl I know who still shows cleavage wearing a roll-neck jumper! Getting used to the attention when I was a bit younger was tricky, too.

So you've always been prodigiously blessed, boob-wise, then?
You could say that. By the time I was 15 they were an E, then by 18 they'd hit FF! The boys at school apparently used to circle Sports Day on their calendars as they knew I'd be bouncing around everywhere!

Remind us to book the inaugural ZOO Sports Day... Are there any advantages to having big boobs?
Oh, yes! I don't think I've ever waited longer than 30 seconds to be served in a bar and I was able to get into every nightclub in town when I was younger. If a bouncer ever asked for ID, I'd just turn around and say, "Do you know how much it cost to get these done, mate?" Even though they're natural, the old "fake boobs" line worked every time...

And we imagine they're fairly handy in the bedroom?
Ha, ha! Yes, they do help to make everything a lot raunchier. Although guys are always a bit intimidated by them when they catch their first glimpse. They have this strange hypnotising effect and I have to click my fingers to get their attention! Luckily, I've got plenty more to offer than just my boobs!

Like what?
I'm most proud of my bum. I went to dance school for years, so I'm very well toned round there! There aren't many girls out there who can offer a great boobs and bum combo! And I'm also extremely bendy. I can do the splits and get my legs behind my head easily. That can come in handy on occasion...

We can imagine!

PUB FACT: One of Casey's ambitions is to set up a lingerie firm for girls with boobs as big as her.

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Casey Batchelor Strips!

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