New Girl Alice Goodwin Peels Off!

Alice Goodwin shows why she's the new Lucy Pinder!Every once in a while, a new girl appears on the ZOO radar capable of reducing us – and indeed all grown men – to gibbering wrecks. And right now, that girl is 20-year-old Alice Goodwin.

 Alice was spotted by the press while she was sunbathing on the beach during a visit to Bournemouth nearly two months ago (yes, just like ZOO’s former boob legend Lucy Pinder). Since then, everyone has been desperate to whisk the 32E beauty into a studio and showcase her extraordinary talents.

Naturally, the Stoke-born babe chose ZOO for her first-ever magazine shoot… and here it is! You won’t be disappointed.

Read ZOO's Chat With Alice Goodwin...

Alice, you’re the hottest new girl around and you’ve just completed your first-ever ZOO shoot! How does it all feel?
Incredible! I couldn’t be happier making my ZOO debut! You know you’ve made it when you get to do a big shoot with you guys. I just hope the readers like me. I’d done some fashion modelling before, but I’ve instantly taken to glamour. I think I just prefer posing with nothing on! It’s my ambition to be a regular in ZOO, you know…

Brilliant! Now, it’s been just a few short weeks since you were discovered on a Bournemouth beach. Has your life changed much?
Yes. It’s been completely insane! My Facebook and MySpace pages have gone into meltdown and I’ve started getting recognised when I go out in Stoke. It’s a small town, so I think I’ve become a mini-celebrity!

So you’re getting a lot more male attention, then?
Some, but usually only from guys who want to tell their mates they’ve spoken to “that girl with the boobs”. I don’t have any nice blokes come and talk to me; I think they’re all a bit intimidated. It’s a shame, because I’m single at the moment, guys!

What would a ZOO reader have to do to impress you?
Be nice! And obviously being tall, dark and handsome helps, too. But I hate arrogant blokes, so tone it down a bit if you’re cocky. Potential suitors, please write in to ZOO immediately! Make sure you forward me any suitable candidates!

OK. Did you enjoy stripping off for your ZOO shoot?

It was awesome. I loved wearing all the sexy underwear and I was amazed to discover that you can actually find beautiful lingerie to fit 32E boobs! I love spending money on gorgeous underwear, so I’ve had lots of inspiration from the shoot!

Do tell us more…
I love French knickers and anything lacy or silk. But I was flicking through ZOO the other week and noticed Emma Frain’s last shoot, where she was wearing all the leather and latex [Issue 225, Frain fans] and I thought she looked so sexy! I might have to invest in something similar.

Finally, we notice your nipples are rather shy. Is there a grand unveiling in the pipeline?

Well, I’m enjoying causing some intrigue! I think there’s something sexy about leaving a little bit to the imagination, don’t you think? And I want the readers to stay interested in me, after all! But I’m not ruling out doing a topless shoot. I just want the grand unveiling to be a real event. So you’ll have to hold on for a while, readers. But I promise you this – it’ll definitely be worth the wait!

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Alice Goodwin's bustiest ever shoot: topless video and pictures!

We can only apologise. Though, we notice, you seem very happy to be back shooting for us.
I’m at my happiest when I’m wearing sexy lingerie. I feel amazing – dressing and undressing in beautiful, silky things that make my boobs look awesome. What’s not to like? It never feels like work. I love the posing, the final results, getting dressed up, everything.

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