Jodie Marsh's New Boobs!

 Jodie Marsh's birthday is 23 December. This is unfortunate for her, because festivities and fun get forgotten in favour of Christmas. So this year, ZOO decided we'd give her a birthday present a whole six months early: the gift of new boobs.

That's right. ZOO went out and bought her two of the latest, top-of-the-range titties. Jodie simply walked into the clinic and (we kid you not) declared, "I want some ‘Pamela Andersons'!"

The surgeon worked his magic and ZOO signed the cheque. Now, the results are unveiled, just for you.

So, feast your eyes on her even-more mountainous melons while the mucky Ms Marsh reveals just what she's going to do with them in her quest for "every type of sex"...

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ZOO's Chat With Jodie!

Wow, Jodie, those are big. What size are they?
They're massive, aren't they? I've gone from a 32DD to a 32G and I love them! I made a decision that I wanted to get them done and I've always loved ZOO, so I gave you guys a call to see if you wanted to get involved. If I was going to get a men's mag to pay for my boobs and own them, it had to be ZOO! ZOO owns my boobs!

Our first boobs. We're so proud. How are they?
I just love touching them. If I'm on my own at home, I'll lie there for hours looking at them and feeling them. It's opened up a whole new world of underwear to me. When I had real boobs, I only used to wear a Wonderbra. Now, I go for anything: lacy, silky, completely see-through...

How's the sensitivity? More or less since having them done?
Oh, definitely more sensitive. The slightest thing can set them off! If my boyfriend even breathes near them, I'm like, "Take me now!"

(Breathes out really slowly) Have you been showing them off to all your friends?
This is their first public outing. But now ZOO's had its first look, I'll hit the town, get proper drunk and be climbing on tables to flash them round the room. I'm naughty anyway, but having a set of boobs I can flop out all the time will make me much worse. I was looking at photos from last summer and there are pics of me snogging girls and licking women's nipples... and one of a girl with her hand up my skirt!

Family album stuff. Have your new boobs made you more confident in the bedroom?
Oh, definitely. I'll whip my bra off at any opportunity. They're exactly what I wanted. I went in there and said, "Give me a set of Pamela Andersons." They're the perfect fake boobs. I can't wait to show them off in my new outfits!

Your new outfits?
I always dress up in the bedroom. I have every outfit: air stewardess, school uniform, policewoman, secretary. The secretary is always popular, but most guys seem to enjoy the naughty underwear. I have a room dedicated to my underwear and toys. MTV came round to do Cribs and they couldn't go into the toy room at all! I have some as ornaments - dildos on each shelf!

So you've got a healthy sex life?
I tell you what, it's definitely true that women peak sexually later in life. I'm 29 and more rampant, daring and outrageous than ever. Anything goes. I've always been a nympho, but I'm getting worse as I get older. I want it five times a day, every type of sex: quickies, slow, drawn-out sex, bondage. I want everything. That's why I need a younger guy, so he can keep up. Don't give me "making love", I want pure fucking! Dirty fucking is all I want.

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