Dane Malene's FF-Bombs Unleashed!

Malene Espensen in lingerieGentlemen, say hello to Malene Espensen – Denmark’s greatest export since Carlsberg.

The blonde bombshell is packing way more than a pint up top, with her 32FF generous jugs. So, sit back and simper as she strips right down in our slideshow in our slideshow and video.

Then listen carefully as she tells us why bigger is better, exactly what a man should do if he’s lucky enough to get his hands on some big boobs – and how nip “slips” can help you dodge speeding tickets!

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Welcome to ZOO, Malene. Is it true you’ve done over 200 Page 3 pictures?
It is! I counted them all the other day. I started a scrapbook when I began modelling – four years ago – and I’ve got five full books now!

Impressive. Tell us, why is bigger better?

Aw, I don’t know that it is. But I love big boobs! Every guy I’ve been with or spoken to has liked big boobs. I guess it depends whether he’s a bum, leg or boob man. I happen to attract boob men!

Wonder why! No more bums or legs, though – it’s all about the breasts this week.
Gotcha! I do love having big breasts. They make clothes look good by filling them out and they make me feel very feminine. Best of all, I get served first at the bar!

Have you ever flashed them to get free drinks?
All the time! It always works, even when I’m not deliberately doing it. I’ll just be standing there and the barman will be like, “What can I get you?” And I’ve been pulled over twice while I was driving and have yet to get a ticket. One time, I saw the policeman getting out of his car, so I thought I’d take my cardigan off to show a bit more cleavage, but I got caught up and by the time he arrived at my window, one of my boobs had popped out! I definitely didn’t get a ticket on that occasion…

Do your boobs play a big role in the bedroom?
Of course they do! They’re funbags – you have to have fun with them! I love doing “The Motorboat”, when the guy shakes his head between them and makes the noise of a boat engine. That’s great, isn’t it? And they look great in underwear – particularly in see-through lingerie, which I’ll wear with a nice, sexy pair of heels. I’ve also got some sexy little outfits as well. Personally, I like my nurse costumes best…

Final filth: nipple-wise, do you prefer lickers, biters or suckers?

Oh my god! You guys! You can’t ask me that! I’d have to say lickers. I’m not on board with that whole biting thing. I mean, what the hell? Some girls get off on that but I certainly do not!

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Malene Espensen's FF-Boobs on Show!

Malene Espensen's FF-Boobs on Show!

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