Sophie Price's First Strip!

Jordan's sister Sophie Price goes toplessThe people known simply as "they" are full of useful wisdom.

"Look before you leap," they say - and, after the rash of serious tombstoning injuries to have hit UK shores this year, who can argue with that? They also say, "Money can't buy you love." They should know because they are The Beatles and one of them used to be married to Heather Mills.

Ask them about "good things" and they'll say, "They come in pairs and small packages." And to prove the point, they'll wheel out Sophie Price: a great thing in a compact-but-curvy 5'4" package. She's also part of a tremendous twosome: her big sister is a certain Katie Price, the glamour goddess formerly known as Jordan.

It's certainly a tight squeeze in the Price household - especially given that Sophie recently had her boobs upgraded to a full-bodied 32E - but modelling has room for both of the saucy sisters. Good job, because that's where 18-year-old Sophie's career is heading now that she's blossomed into a buxom beauty to rival her sex icon sibling.

Just like big sis did, Sophie's signed a major deal to be the new face and body of Television X, the UK's biggest adult channel. And now she's making her ZOO debut!

See Sophie's sexy strip!

Sophie's Strip Video!

"I wanted to get into modelling simply because I enjoy it!" says Sophie. "I like seeing myself on camera and, like any girl, love having my hair and make-up done! While I've got the chance, I should do it!"

Now, that's another piece of wisdom you can't argue with.

And Sophie's quick to mention the added attraction of walking away from photoshoots with bagfuls of silky skimpies.

"It's been such fun doing the different poses for this photoshoot and getting into the different underwear and stockings," she says. "I really love wearing stuff like this and I'm very happy that I get to keep all the lingerie from the shoot - I can go home and play with it all, ha ha! I'm not going to let my boyfriend see me in all this, though. He doesn't deserve it!"

There you have it: ZOO brings you the sights that even a gorgeous glamour model's boyfriend doesn't get to see. But it's not just the pages of your favourite magazine that Sophie hopes to display her charms in. As well as being the face and body of Television X, she wants a full-time TV career, too. "I'm so lucky - this is a dream job - but my ambitions also include getting into presenting," she explains. "Obviously, the glamour modelling's fun and I do enjoy it. But I'd like to try presenting as well."

Gentlemen, prepare your widescreens!

You can see some exclusive web content of Sophie at And don't forget you can watch XXXclusive UK action every night on Sky channels 903-905 and 913

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Jordan's sister Sophie Price

Sophie Price

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