Imogen's New Boobs!

Imogen Thomas' shows off her new boobsSummer's arrived and you know what that means: apocalyptic floods, a hay fever epidemic and a major football tournament with no UK representation. Brilliant.

 On the bright side, Big Brother's back for its ninth series. And that guarantees us 13 weeks of at least three or four hot women on our screens, walking around in nothing much at all. 24/7.

As a reminder of just how smoking those girls can be, ZOO persuaded BB7's Imogen Thomas to shed her threads for us. Again.

Last time you saw her in ZOO (Issue 171), she was proudly showing off her God-given 32C charms. Now, she's bigger and prouder - unveiling for the first time anywhere her new, surgically-improved 32E juicy bits.

And if that's not enough to make your summer, the Welsh wonder also talks kinky underwear, permanently erect nipples and her plans to make a new, ZOO-themed sex tape! Let uncensored streaming commence...

Check out her steamy video and her scorching slideshow!

Imogen's Chat With ZOO!

Welcome back to ZOO! Did you miss us?
I did, I did! I missed you loads. I've been so busy since I shot for you last year. I'm now a Daily Star Sunday girl and I'm opening my own nail bar in Cardiff! I've also done lots of TV in Wales and England. I did a show called Generation Sex, which is on Fiver at the moment. It's about how sex has changed over the years.

You've changed, too - new boobs for instance. Have they made you more confident?
I feel a lot sexier in the bedroom. I love being in bikinis now, too. I took my mum away on holiday for Mother's Day and it was so nice to be spilling out of my bikinis. I'll definitely be going topless on the beach this summer!

Like getting them out in public then, do you?
I always get them out... not literally in the middle of a bar, but I'll take my friends - guys and girls - to the toilets and get them out there. They're all really impressed.

So they should be - they look really good!
Thank you - I think so too! I still have to massage them regularly with lavender oil. They're much more sensitive than they were before. My nipples are such an erogenous zone now - they're always erect! It's embarrassing. I'll be out and about and they'll start poking, really hard, through my T-shirt. I'm buggered if it starts raining.

Are you constantly knocking things over with your extra-protruding chest now?
Ha! Not yet! They do feel a lot bigger, but I'm used to them now. I just feel a lot sexier. The main difference I notice is when guys speak to me: their eyes wander down!

Sorry, did you say something? Will your ex, Russell Brand, like your new boobs?
Russell and me were ages ago. But he does call me quite a lot, so we chat. I'm so proud of his success in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I haven't seen him in ages, but I'm sure he'd love them!

Have you treated yourself to lots of saucy new lingerie?
It was one of the first things I did after the boob job. I got some really sexy items from the Elle McPherson and Agent Provocateur ranges - black satin bras and cute little panties. It's inspired me; I'm going to introduce much kinkier stuff into the bedroom now. I have a wardrobe full of stockings and suspenders - they'll be put to good use...

Speaking of bedroom-based experimentation, have you made any more sex tapes?
Oh my God, no! I've gone through such bloody difficult times because of that tape. It's all over the internet and I can't get it off. You can see everything. My bastard ex-boyfriend! I saw him in a club after the tape came out and I was ready to go for him. But what goes around comes around and, one day, he'll get his comeuppance. The arsehole. You can print that. Leighton Brookfield: arsehole. Everyone makes sex tapes - who hasn't bloody done one? You just don't expect them to be made public. I haven't done any more just yet, but I will. I'll just make sure it's with someone I trust.

Could you do a special ZOO one just for us?
Yeah, go on then! In a ZOO vest! Coming soon!

Excellent! Right, any advice for the new set of hopefuls bound for the Big Brother house?
They should just have fun, 'cos it'll go quick. You can't escape the cameras, so don't bother trying! Unless you go under the blanket, there's nowhere to hide. That's how I used to put my underwear on.

If you were Big Brother, what task would you introduce to spice things up this year?
I'd take all the girls' clothes away and make them wander around in really sexy lingerie. All the men would be blindfolded and the women would have to lap dance to get immunity from eviction. That'd be good, wouldn't it? It'd definitely get us all glued to our TVs!

It's certainly got us a bit sticky. Would you consider going back into the house this year for a special appearance?
Absolutely! Get me in. I'd do it. Get me back in, for God's sake! I'll do it for nothing! Come on BB!

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Er, OK. What about Las Vegas? We hear you’re off for a cheeky break?
I’m planning to go for a weekend. I’ll be pretty jetlagged but you can’t go to Vegas for any longer than that – there would be too much partying and you’d end up destroying your liver.

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