Miss GB Strips!

 Model. Miss Great Britain. MP?

At her current pace, Gemma Garrett is on course to take over the world by the end of the year. And if that means overseeing trouser-tighteningly hot photoshoots like this - her men's magazine debut - then consider us fully paid-up members of the Garrett Revolution.

Since becoming Miss GB, the 26-year-old hasn't sat back and admired her tiara, content to just plot a Miss Universe bid. Nope: in a move guaranteed to get our "polls" buzzing, the Belfast-born honey is spearheading the new "Beauties For Britain" political party and bidding to become a genuine MP.

Need convincing to vote? Launch her slideshow and let Gemma reveal her naughty manifesto...

Gemma Chats To ZOO!

Gemma, congratulations on your Miss GB triumph! How did your success all begin?
Thank you! It's still sinking in, but it's very exciting! I did my first beauty pageant in Northern Ireland when
I was 17 after being spotted by a photographer. But don't worry, I wasn't involved in any of those slightly creepy kids' beauty contests with horribly pushy parents!

Did you promise to strive for world peace and talk about your desire to work with children during the Miss GB contest?
Ha ha! No, I'm actually dead against world peace... Only joking! Some of the girls do go on a bit about working in Africa, which is great, but I just spoke about working with Breast Cancer Awareness, which was my chosen charity.

Wet T-ShirtsAnd we can only guess at the bitchiness and tantrums that kick off backstage at Miss GB...
Well, can you imagine 50 girls crammed into one dressing room, all fighting for fake tan and mirrors? It gets a little scary, believe me! Let's just say there were some girls who I'm still friends with and some girls I never want to see again...

Do you wear your Miss GB tiara around the house?
Occasionally! It looks quite good paired with sexy lingerie and high heels! It has been known to make appearances in the bedroom, too. Guys seem to quite enjoy the tiara!

We can imagine! What's the biggest perk of being Miss GB?
Definitely getting to do sexy photoshoots with ZOO! I've been to some amazing places, gone to incredible parties and met some cool people. When I was working for a beer company last year, I never thought any of this would be possible!

Wow - Miss GB and you worked for a beer company? We don't know which job we like better...
Ha ha! I know! I used to get free beer all the time!

Last week, you revealed your political ambitions in ZOO. Remind us what that's all about.
I'm representing the Beauties For Britain party in a by-election for the constituency of Crewe and Nantwich in Cheshire. I'm the girl to revolutionise British politics and bring some beauty back into it. Too often, young people don't take any interest and I think I'll be able to stir something... in guys particularly!

You've certainly got our vote. With great power comes great responsibility; do you feel under pressure not to misbehave?
A little bit. It's been very strange, because since becoming Miss GB there's been this huge surge of interest in what I get up to. The tabloids dig around for every little bit of dirt. I'm friends with Russell Brand, so they've naturally put two and two together. But I can assure you nothing has ever happened and never will!

So, did they uncover anything naughty and true?
Well, I'm a normal girl, so I do like going to nightclubs and partying, but there's nothing too devious to find out! And now there's paparazzi every time I go out, so you have to be really careful!

Any recent altercations with the paparazzi?
Just the other night I was leaving a nightclub and this guy was trying to take photos up my skirt as I was getting into a cab! He was literally laying on his back in the road, snapping away. I gave him the finger, which probably wasn't a very graceful move - certainly not befitting Miss GB - but what he was up to was ridiculous!

Can't blame him for trying... Any other trouble of late?
Well, recently I got fined in Los Angeles for sunbathing topless. I didn't realise it was illegal in the States! It's ridiculous - how is a girl supposed to get an all-over tan? Topless sunbathing would never be outlawed under my regime!

So, Gemma. As Miss GB, we feel its essential that you have a concise knowledge of your kingdom. We've put together a quick test for you...
Oh no! You guys are mean!

Yes, we are. OK, here we go: who is the current Prime Minister?
Easy, Gordon Brown.

Well done. When did World War II begin and end?
Um, well I know it was in the 1940s?

Just about: '39-'45. Who was the PM when we won the War?
Winston Churchill.

Right. In what year was the Battle Of Hastings?

Yep. Which three English teams competed in the Champions League semi-finals this season?
Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Can you name the four Beatles?
Paul, John, Ringo and... Oh, no, I've forgotten the last one!

George. But don't worry, you've impressed us enough already...

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Miss Great Britain - Gemma Garrett

Miss GB - Gemma Garrett

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