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Sammie PenningtonWelcome to 32E Sammie's bedroom where the loving gets “aggressive and raunchy”, knee-high socks reduce men to dribbling wrecks and the Nutella is spread thick and fast!

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ZOO's Chat with Sammie Pennington

Thanks for inviting us into your boudoir, Sammie. How would you describe your bedroom skills?
Well, I’m not shy at all! I definitely have a high sex drive. I really enjoy experimenting in bed. I love to try anything and everything! There’s always room for improvement – and that’s why you have to get down to it a lot, get the practice in.

Sounds as if you like to take the lead…
I can be very aggressive in the bedroom, but I can also be gentle and tender, too. It depends on my mood. I have three stages: the lovey-dovey, “making love” stage; the “normal” stage where I just need sex; and then the “absolutely-gagging” stage, where I can be aggressive, sexy and raunchy!

What really gets you going in the bedroom?
Play-fighting sets me off. I went through a phase of biting, but got told off by one guy for biting too hard; I was leaving too many marks! It’s nice to have my ear nibbled, that gets me in the mood. Really, though, I’m just a sex freak. I love sex. I’m terrible!

Doesn’t seem terrible at all from where we’re standing…
The problem is I need someone to keep up with me! Kissing me all over my body, especially my neck, gets me going. Particularly if I’ve just come out of the shower…

Duvets are graded by tog ratings. What mark would you award your own 32E pillows?
My boobs are of the highest quality, obviously! They’re particularly good for resting heads on. It isn’t always comfortable for me as they tend to mould themselves around the head, but it’s certainly a real treat for anyone who needs a bosom for a pillow!

What would we find in your knicker drawer if we had a quick rummage?
I love suspenders, and stockings that go over the knee. The guys drop to their knees when they see socks that go over the knee! Whatever bra, knickers, skirt or suspenders you wear when you dress up for guys, they always come off eventually. But for some reason the socks stay on if they go over the knee. I’ve got a wonderful black pair with a pink ribbon at the top.

Any other sexy delights knocking about?
I’ve got a fishnet, full-length body stocking! It covers my arms to the wrist, is low-cut and just covers my bum. My nipples poke through
the holes!

Do you ever bring food into the bedroom?
Ice cubes always come in handy and honey is good too for licking off! And chocolate… oh, Nutella! I love Nutella! I was told that it’s too sticky and thick for bedroom fun, but I could eat a whole tub of Nutellaoff a guy in one go. Oh God, yeah – that’s a dream of mine actually! Just as long as I didn’t put on any weight doing it. Hopefully, I’d be able to burn off those calories during sex anyway…

If your body was a plate, how would you serve up breakfast in bed to a guy?
I’d put pancakes on my boobs and smear syrup all over my body, ready to be licked off. But I would definitely not serve up sausages!

Do you like to talk dirty?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I just say, “Let’s f***!” But it’s also important to talk during sex to let the guy know what’s he’s doing right. I like to give pointers…

Educate us…
Well, with foreplay, it can be just two minutes in and a girl will say, “Stop, I just want to have sex,” because she can’t take the teasing any more. And then the man will give in and just have sex. Here’s a tip lads: make the girl wait. Girls sometimes say they want to get down to it straightaway just for effect. So tease them a little bit more, keep doing what you’re doing!

Anything else?
You don’t have to take ages to come – sometimes it’s like waiting for a bus! Girls are fussy because they don’t want “wham bam”, but they don’t want it to last forever, either! Get it right, guys! I can’t teach everyone in the world… Only joking… I need to do some more research to work out the perfect length of time sex should last!

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Sammie Pennington

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