Mucky Madison Welch Reveals All!

Madison WelchWhat you lot want, you lot get.

So, we've sorted out some brand new, exclusive shots of ZOO blogger Madison Welch in all her naked glory.

And with talk of orgies, porn and aeroplane sex, she's dirtier than the sole of a farmer's welly. And we like that a lot.

- Launch Madison's new nude slideshow!

Madison Welch and Vicky Taverner toplessDouble Vision!
Check out her amazing joint ZOO blog with the gorgeous Vicky Tavener can be viewed.



Madison Welch in sexy lingerieMaddison's Blog
Plus, check out Madison's blog with more pics - including some cheeky whip action - and the chance to leave her some comment love. Or just ogle even more shots of the Welchstress.


Madison dressed as a sexy cheerleaderVery Special Sex-Ray Specs!
You saw her here first under the lens of ZOO's magic specs. See Madison Welch's cheerleader shoot!



ZOO's Chat With Madison Welch...

Welchy! This weeks marks your third appearance in the pages of ZOO magazine. Are you getting used to it yet?
It's dead weird - people really know who I am now! I was on the train the other day and a bunch of lads were reading ZOO. They kept looking at my picture, then at me and back again. I told them it wasn't me, but they didn't believe me. Mainly because when they said my name, I said, "Yes?" Oops!

As you get more famous, are you worried about any sex tapes waiting to leak out?
Hmm, a few. I don't think they'll get out though. Ooh, I'd die if mine came out; I always act like a total porn star in the bedroom. But I always did want to be a porn star...

Do you own many "adult films"?
Quite a lot. A girlfriend and I have a curry and porn night every week. We order a takeaway and whack on some porn. It's usually just for a laugh, but it has been known to get us a little worked up and we have done "stuff" with each other.

Do you enjoy girl-on-girl?
It's really fun. Girls know how to get to places guys don't. I'm not a lesbian, but it's nice to have a bit of variety. Oh, I just realised - one of those tapes features an extra girl...

An extra girl? You mean you've had a threesome?
Oh yeah - on more than one occasion. Once, it was two girls and a guy, but the guy really didn't do that much. He was just filming while us two girls got it on. Another time, it was three girls and two guys.

You mean a fivesome?
Does that make me sound really naughty? What's the minimum number before it's classed as an orgy? I reckon five could probably be classed as a mini one!

Are there any fantasies left that you haven't lived out?

I haven't done it on an aeroplane yet and it's really killing me. I got really close once, but the bloke bottled it. I like doing it in the cinema, too. I love it when people watch!

Do you have many sexy outfits for role-playing?
I'm pretty much up for anything in the bedroom and I love dressing up, so I've got everything. I love my little French maid outfit. That's always the favourite with the men, too.


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Madison Welch

Madison Welch

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