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Sammie PenningtonLending some extra special support to Television X, ZOO's Sammie Pennington tells ZOO below why her pert, performing peaches and potty mouth are a perfect match for the brilliantly booby broadcasters...


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Will you be employing any of your theatre school training in your new role as a new face of Television X?
I'm not actually presenting for the channel, but I am a face of it. I've heard of some of the shows they have, like Dogging Diaries, but I think I'll keep my dirty talk for off-camera - I'll save that for a lucky guy!

Oh, I can have a really foul mouth on me when I want to. My parents are always telling me off for swearing. My friends say I have Tourette's, especially when we go out! And I'm pretty good at back-chatting cocky blokes. Some guys have been really shocked by what I have to say to them and they've walked off with their tails between their legs...

Go on then, say something naughty...
I absolutely love getting dressed up, I've got a real thing for it. Not just in the bedroom, but when I go out, too. My favourites include getting kitted up - or rather, down - as Barbie and an air hostess! I recently went out in a leotard I've had since I was 12 and it was so tight on me, it split down the middle where my boobs were! The rip kept going down until my bright pink bra was completely exposed. I also had an Ann Summers ballerina tutu on, which was just a pair of knickers. I got a lot of attention that night!

Hypothetically speaking, what would your porn star name be?
I think "Funbags" would go down quite well... How about Felicity Funbags? I like that one.

Sounds good to us. Are you a fan of bongo yourself?
I do enjoy porn, yeah. I'm a little devil! I'm not easily shocked... I have filmed stuff with an ex, but that definitely won't ever come out on the internet. It's good to watch your own sex video after you've made it!

Is it not a bit strange watching yourself getting down to it?
Not really, I remember doing it after all... I've picked up tips from watching other stuff too, but I won't reveal exactly what!

Have you learnt to do any tricks with those magnificent boobs?
Last Christmas, a friend and I managed to hang baubles off our nipples through our tops! We gave them a good swing! They weren't hanging directly though - I don't have bullet nipples. But maybe I could train them to be like that?

Practice makes perfect, Sammie...

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