Rock Rivals' Sammy Glenn!

Sammy Glenn Say hello to Sammy Glenn from ITV1's fictional talent show, Rock Rivals.

Millions tuned in to watch Sammy, 24, as super-hot rock wannabe Dana Bigglesworth. We're sure you'll agree, that this girl's got the X Factor!


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Watch her sexy shoot video, then read her interview below!



Sammy, this is your first sexy shoot! Has it lived up to expectations?
Definitely! It's made me feel very sexy. I'd love to do more modelling, but my first loves are singing and acting. That's why Rock Rivals is perfect!

Have you watched your performances on the television?
Of course! The first time was at a big cast party. The show's such fun and really tongue-in-cheek.

Do you secretly harbour a burning ambition to audition for The X Factor?
Not really. I couldn't live my life just singing - I love acting too much! It would be perfect if they still made those musical movies because I could recreate Barbra Streisand's roles. Although I would sex them up a bit!

Come on. Surely you fancy Simon Cowell?
No, but I can see why other girls would. Women love that power thing. And the fact he has loads of money probably doesn't hurt either!

So what kind of guys do you usually go for?
I like manly men. They don't have to be ripped, but I like big, strong men who can take care of me because I'm only 5'4". They also have to be able to take the piss out of themselves and be confident about what they want from life.

Any tips for approaching you in a bar?
Just come up and say hello! Although I'm not really the sort of girl who waits to be approached. I wouldn't call myself a seductress, but if I spot a guy I like, I'll just go right over.

We hear you're something of a party girl?
I'm not that wild, but I do love to party. When I was younger, I was even more into it. Now, if I go out, I get together with four or five friends and hit the clubs hard! And we all love our food, so we go for a meal first, then counter that with loads of cocktails!

Are you taking full advantage of your new VIP status on nights out?
To be honest, it doesn't seem that new. My older sister, Wendy, was in Hollyoaks [she played Nikki Sullivan] when I was 16, so I just rode on her coat tails! It seemed really exciting and glamorous, but it's not for me anymore. So I'm afraid I'm unlikely to run off with a footballer or get a boob job!

But would you go topless for a role, though?
If Martin Scorsese offered me a part and promised me an Oscar I might. But I wouldn't get my tits out for a shoot. Underwear's sexy enough for now!

So there's a chance you might in the future?
Ha! No. You have to keep something just for your man, don't you?

No. Is there not even a Sammy Glenn sex tape somewhere?
Absolutely not! You'll just have to imagine all that!

Rock Rivals is on 9pm Wednesdays, ITV1

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Sammy Glenn

Sammy Glenn

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