Naughty and Single AmyLu!

 It's difficult not to be impressed by 20-year-old AmyLu.

She claims to be nothing less than an absolute wildchild in the bedroom, enjoys dressing up in kinky outfits, is currently "very single" and... did we mention her eye-popping 30F boobs?

And she's a ZOO blogger!

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ZOO's Chat With AmyLu

AmyLu, welcome to ZOO!
Thanks! I can't believe I've done a sexy shoot for ZOO! I really hope the readers will like me. I think I look a little different to a lot of models, which I really like. Hopefully, the fact I look a bit cheeky will appeal to all the guys out there!

They'll also find your 30F boobs rather appealing. Are you a fan?
I think they're amazing! I take a little look every morning and give thanks they're still so big! I just wish they had some company. I'm very single at the moment. I really want to meet a lovely bloke, but I only seem to attract complete arseholes. Can ZOO publish a special advert calling for nice guys to come forward, please?

You've just done it! Do you think you make a good girlfriend?
Yes! I'm lovely! In fact guys have often said I'm too nice. But then I do also have a filthy temper in the mornings. So I need a boy who can stand up for himself. And that applies in the bedroom, too...

Please, tell us more.
I'm quite naughty in the bedroom. I like to experiment, which can intimidate a lot of guys. I particularly enjoy using handcuffs, which seems to frighten the life out of them!

Wow. So aside from the handcuffs, is there anything else potential boyfriends can look forward to?
Well, I love dressing up. I've got a whole selection of kinky outfits. I like my little nurse dress, but my favourite is my black PVC catsuit. Like I said, I need someone who can handle me!

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