Hot, Blonde and 30F!

Zoe StolleryClocking in at a pocket-sized 5'3", 20-year-old blonde bombshell Zoe Stollery still manages to boast impressive 30F boobs.

And with enough sex appeal to ensure it was essential for ZOO to snap her up, let us present your new favourite blonde...

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Zoe, you're only 5'3", but have 30F boobs! Are you at all worried about toppling over?
Ha ha. I've not had any balance problems just yet, but I think I might if they continue to grow.

Hang on - they're getting bigger?
Yes! A year ago I was a DD, which was just about right for my frame, but every time I get measured for new underwear, they've got bigger! I'm concerned they might never stop!

Now there's an intriguing thought. You must be a fan of your boobs, despite your concerns?
Of course! Even with the growth spurts, yes, I know I'm very lucky. They are very lovely and I love modelling so I have a lot to thank them for!

Is it tricky finding underwear that fits?
God, I have so much difficulty. I've got a bit of a fetish for gorgeous underwear, too, so I get pretty angry when I'm out shopping. Maybe it's for the best. I spend an absolute fortune on stockings and suspenders as it is...

You're possibly the first glamour star we know who's from Ipswich. Do you still live there?
Yeah, I'm still in Ipswich, which is nice, as I get to put my home town on the map! There aren't any other glamour models from around here. I'm extremely proud to be a Suffolk girl!

So, no plans to up sticks to the Big Smoke then?
At some point I'd like to move to London, but I'm only relocating when I can have my dream - sharing a glorious apartment with five other glamour models!

Cool. Any house policies?
I'd implement a very strict "no clothes" policy in the house. I want everyone gallivanting around naked all day long!

If you need a lodger, promise you'll call us...
I promise.

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Zoe Stollery

Zoe Stollery

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