Katie Harte Unleashed!

Katie HarteHere at ZOO, we like our girls with a bit of old-fashioned personality.

Obviously world-class boobs, drum-tight arses and mouth-wateringly gorgeous faces come as standard, but when we discover models with that extra spark, we get very, very excited.

Enter Wolverhampton's 19-year-old honey Katie Harte. In possession of one of 2008's best bodies? Check. Spine-tinglingly hot? Yep. Full of personality and just a little bit filthy? Most certainly.

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ZOO's Chat With Katie...

Katie! What are you hoping to offer to the world of ZOO now we've found you?
Well, I'm always the girl with the bubbliest personality. To become really successful you obviously need the looks, but I think you need to be able to charm people, too! So hopefully that's what I can bring to the table!

So other than charm, what's your best asset?
Am I only allowed to pick one? That's not fair! How about my top three? Let's see... I like my bum, and people always tell me I have nice eyes, too. And obviously, I absolutely love my boobs, because they're all real! They're a perfect 32D. Although if I'm honest, I've got a bit of a fetish for fake breasts. I'm completely obsessed with touching and grabbing them when I find some! I think I might get a pair for myself one day...

Keep us posted! We hear you're a keen pole-dancer...
I am! And I'm very good. You know those girls who start showing off on poles in nightclubs? That's usually me. I can hang upside down and go into a handstand, which usually goes down well with all the lads.

Blimey. You're a bit of an extrovert then?
Ha! You could say that! Whenever I'm out I'm the centre of attention. But that's probably because of the lack of clothing. I'll take any opportunity I can get to get naked, even if I'm out at a club!

And we're assuming that with those pole-dancing skills, you're super flexible?
Oh yes. I'm very bendy. It has its uses occasionally. And not just while I'm with boys, either...

Hang on. So you've dabbled with the ladies, too?
Yes. I'm completely open to exploring my sexuality. I'm naturally curious and I've got lots of hot female friends, so it has been known. My first threesome with a boy and another girl was the most exciting experience of my life!

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Katie Harte

Katie Harte

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