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Sammie PenningtonHere at ZOO, we operate nothing short of a production line when it comes to delivering hot new girl talent.

Week in, week out, we bring you only the nation's finest undiscovered honeys without a) any compromise on quality whatsoever or b) any of their clothes on. And this week is no exception - gents, meet the absolutely sensational Sammie Pennington.

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First things first, Sammie: your boobs are incredible...
Thanks! I'm a bit in love with them, too! Trust me, I know how lucky I am. I haven't always been this lucky though. 

You're not about to give us the old "I was flatter than a Spice Girls reunion gig, then one day I woke up with these" claptrap?
Ha! I know it's the ultimate glamour model cliché, but it's true. When I hit 16, they just burst out of nowhere! To be honest, it was a total nightmare for my wardrobe, but I quickly began to appreciate the benefits.

So are you a big-boob aficionado?
Oh, I absolutely love big breasts. That's why I'm so happy to be showing them off for ZOO. I think it's almost a duty for girls with great boobs to have them celebrated.

Does that mean you show them off when you're out clubbing?
I only get them out in the right environment. I'm actually quite demure when I'm out. I think there's a time and a place for blatant breast exposure and a nightclub is neither!

Other than your own, whose boobs do you admire?
Well I've been compared to Keeley, which is an incredible compliment. She's the standard we should all be aspiring to. Maybe if I ask her very nicely she might want to do a shoot with me. It could have a "Master vs Apprentice" theme, perhaps. Can you make that happen?

Studio's booked! Now, it's Valentine's Day this week. Is there an extremely lucky man in your life?
No, I'm a very happy single girl at the moment. I think us glamour girls might attract the wrong type of guy. I'm forever having pervy footballers tracking me down on Facebook!

Really? And there's us thinking they were cooler than that?
No way. I think they've got too much time on their hands. But that whole getting drunk in nightclubs with C-list celebrities doesn't really interest me anyway. I want to restore some class to the good name of glamour modelling. Watch out boys!

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