See Inside ZOO Blogger's Knicker Drawer!


Already a ZOO fave for her ability to turn squeezing into a lycra top and parading around with a flag into an art form, sarahlouise joins sweetieseymour and HotChocolate as a very exclusive selection of ZOO bloggers that have appeared in the mag's Knicker Drawer feature.

In her own words: "it will be the first time you bloggers get to see my white bits". Don't worry, she's not on about the best cuts of meat on a chicken, as you can see in the pic to the left.

The Brummie beaut admits that: "I'm such a rampant little minx. The strangest place [I've had sex] was definitely the bonnet of a car in the middle of a field. I swear those cows were watching us..."

And how can you not be impressed by a girl that says her fantasy is "an all-girl threesome"?

There's a whole gallery worth of Knicker Drawer goodness starring sarahlouise here, including pics never seen before. Go on, get click happy!

We think she looks sensational. Let her know what you think by posting some comment kudos on her blog and guestbook.

Attention all lady bloggers - fancy showing us your skimps as part of the Knicker Drawer? Then send your pics into pronto!

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