ZOO Bloggers Play At Wiimbledon!

Every wondered what sweetieseymour’s overarm smash is like? Been kept awake thinking about how handy sylviairis is with a fresh set of balls? Then be thankful that ZOO is here to satiate your tennis-related inquisitiveness…

We were more than a little excited to bring together a few of our favourite lady members together for the first ever ZOO blogger shoot – and we’re certainly looking forward to more in the future.

Thanks to kelcrossin, sallybobs, sweetieseymour, missleeds and sylviairis – they’ll be typically brilliant wallpapers featuring you all up on tomorrow! Don’t be stingy with the love - give them some guestbook-related kudos for being so magnificent.

So to see who won the Wiimbledon tournament (and more importantly, view the girls looking extremely hot in varying amounts of tennis gear), watch the vid below!

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