SweetVictoria Cams - Do You Cam Too?

Girls, think you're as hot as SweetVictoria above? Got some ideas on how you could spend a grand? Then have we got a deal for you!

Send us a video of yourself gyrating in a most pleasing way. Wriggle, pout, whip your top of if you really feel the urge to - you can do whatever you want. And we'll reward the very best with £1000!

But, a few rules. No full-on porn, full-frontal nudity or simulated sex stuff. And you MUST include ZOO somehow. Hold up a copy of the magazine, fashion yourself a ZOO tattoo with the aid of lipstick. Just get creative.

Then, once you're happ with your offering, send the finished production to

If you need some inspiration and whet your appetite for a week of webcam wonderfulness on ZOO, check out these webcam hotties. But don't think it's all about full-time models with surgically-enhanced lady bits. Check out ZOO blogger Lisa Natalie shows how it can be done on her blog!

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